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MAY 4, 2011 5:47PM

Who is Your Friend - A Simple Definition

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While living in my office space and going through the motins, there have been a lot of time for self-reflection.  One big reason I am living in my office space is my distrust for the human condition.

 Call me paranoid, maybe schizophranic but the less people I deal with the more space exists for my goals and to "Getting a Life".  I have my core group of friends but there have also been so many more that hide behind the word or notion of "friend".

 Former roommates, a fat, old, sneaky, jewish and horny landlady (alongside her retarded and equally horny teenage son plus her close friend and automatic alibli), and another landlady (the most recent) with a 300 lbs plastic face have all hidden behind this notion of friend. 

People like these hide behind that word to get what they want.  Whether it's sexual gratification and slave labor (as is with that Fat old jewish and horny landlady, plus her equally self righteous sidekick along with a retarded son- to a crew of racist and covert drug dealers that keep telling you that they're "just kidding". 

There exists a dark fraternity/sorority of people who enjoy belittling people, patronizing them, imposing upon their time, or flat out  harrassment.  These actions are looked down upon, normatively, but if a person is given the opportunity and the confidence that they can get away with it, taht sneaky cowards true self comes out.  The members of this wicked clique show themselves in rare form while hiding behind the notion of friend.

 Once that is taken away those cowards are the same as vampires, in the sunlight or a deer in head lights.  Without their advantages, which you provide with your silence, then these predatory and very weak animals cower or even show fear.  Fear that they always had of you which is why they hide behind the word "friend".

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