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JANUARY 21, 2013 12:38PM

It’s the Beginning of the World

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It’s the Beginning of the World


I saw a coyote, in the dying light of sunset past.

I knew it for the Trickster

Because the white, black and gray of his coat made

The Mask of His Face unmistakable.

The jet black eyes, inky as obsidian,

Mockingly mischievous depths of wisdom.

The laughing mouth, tongue lolling

Out of his wolfish grin from knowing

More than You.


I watched the horned owl, silently winging in the dusk.

I knew it for the Bringer

Because, with only the afterglow of deep dusk,

The Mask of Her Face glowed in my soul sight

Calling me, beckoning to hear in the silence

Her unspoken words through pallid beak

While moon reflected pools for eyes

Shone with pearly refraction of knowing

You are More.


Three bobcats, none of which saw me, hunted in gray noon.

I knew them for the Sisters of Fate

Each one with a different part to play, they moved as one

Playing and toying with their prey, whether mice or man

One to measure me with her stare, looking through

Another to hold the cord and stretch it out in the arch of her back

While the last, with a slash of claw, cuts the length of each life

Balance, Harmony and Melody in the cosmos of knowing

You Are More than just You.


I spied the vultures collecting on the thermals, in the blue of the afternoon.

I knew them as Legion.

A small part of the whole, yet distinctly individualist, they circled higher

The Mask of Death’s Face smiled at me from each and every beak and as One

Ever higher and ever more, black specs on blue, that circling visage winked,

Telling me, nodding to me and letting me in on the Joke,

No matter how many lives you really get, this one is the only one you know.

No matter what you believe, you know you don’t know and you secretly wonder

Do You Know You?


I missed Snake until after I passed by, stillness and death at rest,

I knew her for Good Fortune.

Dark, deadly and devoid of emotion she sat unfazed

Deigning to allow me to come closer, gently opening her white maw

Showing her fangs in warning to not press my luck.

My lesson from her is still being learned, but I know I am fortunate

That part of that lesson was how lucky I am in the first place,

No matter what happens, no matter how good or bad one thing is:

I am Still Here.


I sat awake and watched the End of the World, the End of the long count,

I knew it for A New Age.

It is a time of darkness, with any hatching, the egg is only now cracked

Letting in glimmers of light, hope and energy through those cracks

Bringing new ideas, new ways and new thoughts the wave is building

Each new struggle to emerge causes ever more light to come in, air, life

Allowing the emergent newborn to survive, creating a new world

Where all of us will be each as well as connected to all the others.

We Will Be One.

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Wow. Excellent work.
Thanks to you both, Steve Kenny and just phyllis! From the other day, I just sort of got, in Stephen King colloquilisms, some formus from my fornit and wrote that out.

It's an ode to nature, the Mayan Calender's marking of the End of the Fourth World at the completion of the last day of the last baktun of the last long count.

I always look to the doom and gloom folks and say, you can't make consciousness without waking the sleeping as well as the dead. (There's some well researched Mayan and SA tribal symbolism in that, btw.)

In any case, it's also descriptively true in regard to all the animals mentioned. I actually saw all those in the circumstances described.

Thanks again for your complimentary comments!
Wow, dunniteowl! This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful vision and verse with us!
Thanks clayball, it is always nice to know that something resonates beyond my own mind.
Mesmerizing; makes me want to see the dawn through your eyes.
Margaret, I will grant your wish. I promise. I am still getting some things in order and I have an extremely high strong negative regard (something I recall from my psychology 101 class) for the photo capacity of OS. That said, I will happily wrestle down some of my 3-4MB photos down to the les than 2MB OS allows and provide you with some:
Dawn Through My Eyes.

Thanks for the complimentary words and thanks even more for the idea for another photo essay.