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Bastrop, Texas, USA
October 11
Supreme Commander of the Universe
The Best Company in the World
Matriculated from: School of Hard Knocks and Diablo Valley College (AA in Communications Tech.) Done all kinds of things for work. Painted sidewalk curb address numbers, sold shoes, USAF Radio Electronics Tech, Semiconductor Tech for AMD, Intel & SEEQ Technologies, worked at Stanford Linear Accelerator upgrading motherboards for Beam Current Magnet Control, IBM building "Industrial Strength" Voice Activated Dialing networks, server systems and intranets, sold greeting cards, nuts, grapes, newspapers and found pets, janitored, worked in fast foods, pizza and data entry. I even clerked at a 7-11 and also ran a big searchlight for those events at night. Also worked at a zoo, where I pretty much did everything you can do at a zoo other than be eaten. Some of those critters do bite. I write and have been since 1972. I have written poetry, fantasy, science fiction and horror stories. I also have come to enjoy essays relating to human experience, the future and being good stewards of this planet. I believe I'm funny sometimes, so chuckle occasionally at my weird jokes and allusions. Very into science and technology, love logic and reason. For some reason, though, I am also a certified Shaman. I can cast horoscopes and read Tarot cards as well (from the expressions on people's faces and their responses, I am apparently quite accurate most of the time.) Love photography: You can find me here: http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g31/dunniteowl/ and here: http://www.viewbug.com/my-account/photos (if those don't work properly, just go to the main pages and do a search for 'dunniteowl' I am the only one on the internet as far as I know.) I also love game design, starting with board wargames, card games and RPGs. Please comment if you feel like it. I don't care about being "tipped" and don't even really understand it as a function. I signed up on Open Salon so I could have a wider outlet for my writing and hope that you find it of interest at all. This bio is a reflection of things to come, so be prepared.


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APRIL 19, 2012 1:19AM

On "dunniteowl's" Pond (A photo essay)




On Dunniteowl’s Pond

Pond Overview 001

        I love watching birds.  Always have.  The different sizes and types of birds are pretty astonishing when you get right down to it.  I never cared if it was the flitting from the tiny, lea/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 9, 2012 10:43PM

Killing Me Softly (With This Economy)

     When I was a kid, my older brother and I used to do all sorts of things for making some cash.  We lived in Napa, California at that time and we lived in what could only described as Ruralurbia.  It wasn’t quite being in the suburbs and it wasn’t reallyRead full post »

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JULY 27, 2011 2:12PM

I Had to Quit Society to Go Crazy (Temporarily)

There was a time in 1980 when my life was about as hard as I could understand it to be.  I was working two jobs, both part-time, though at thirty-two hours each, they amounted to a full time and a half pair of jobs.  I was also taking twelve credit hours/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 7, 2011 8:22PM

Space, the Final Frontier -- Looking Like a Ghost Town

I grew up in the middle of the greatest achievement of mankind's technical prowess.  I was born in 1960.  Sputnik launched in the middle of the Cold War in 1957 and the Space Race was on, baby.  Yuri Gagarin became the first astronaut (cosmonaut) in 1961.  By the time of the… Read full post »