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JANUARY 12, 2010 5:37PM

Open Call: Who am I?

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The question has been asked "Who are you?"  On the surface, this is a throw away line, a blip, a moment.  But when you look deeper and plumb the depths, what a conundrum is found.   All the questions rush in, "how deeply shall I answer.."

What does your name mean?

When I was young, I thought I had a stoopid name.. I mean, come on, Deborah?  WTF?  Deborah comes from Hebrew and means "The Bee".  I fantasized about being named Brenda, or Heidi, or Shelley, anything but Deborah. 

I go by Deb, not Debbie, Deby, Debbi, etc.  In High School Debbie Does Dallas had just come out and, let me tell you, after a couple of years of Debbie teasing, the name loses it's lustre!

 In What era were you born?

I was born at the tail end of the '60's to a REALLY conservative family.  To give you an idea, my father was convinced that Nixon was framed, Ted Kennedy was a murderer, and, were he alive today, would demand Obama's Birth Certificate.  It was a volatile time to grow up, with Viet Nam, Civil Rights. 

My parents were fearful of just about everything, Blacks, Hippies, Riots, Commies, Democrats.  I grew up terrified of unspecified evil all around me.  The first time I figured out that being outside after dark didn't automatically kill me, I kind of went crazy and would sneak out and spend all night walking around my town.  I was very lucky, actually, because the dangers were real, but I had to grow in caution.  I had to work my way out of the complete terror my parents instilled in me.  

Where do you come from?

I'm a California Girl.... I know, I know you wish they all could be like me.... 

Actually, I grew up in a small town in Southern California called Idyllwild.  It was a really picturesque place to call home. It was filled with all the Hippies my family was terrified of. 

What is your favorite way of dressing? Perhaps a favorite outfit?  Shoes?  Do you like to wear socks?  Do you color your hair?  Do you wear underwear?  Hats?

Sandals.  When I lived in New Orleans, I discovered the joys of being clad in sandals year round.  It was heaven, if you could get past the icky streets and the cockroaches. 

As far as clothing, I go in cycles, sometimes I like to be a bohemian earth mama, sandals, big earrings, long, swishy skirts.  Others, I go for a streamlined elegance.  Mostly, I'm somewhere between bohemian & elegant.  And if sandals can be worked in, so much the better!

Who or what do you resemble?  Do you have any quirks?  Anything odd in your appearance? 

 That's a hard one.  I have a goofy, kind of lop sided smile.  I don't like to smile in pictures because I don't think it's pretty.  I prefer to go for enigmatic, like the Sphinx.  I dye my hair strawberry blonde.  I swore, when I was younger, that I would never dye my hair under any circumstances!  Then I hit 30, and my hair color changed from a really pretty golden blonde to brown bletch.  A friend of mine drug me to the supermarket for a bottle of nice and easy.  And for the next few years I tried to get my hair to as close to natural as possible. 

At 40, I said, Screw it, and went red.  I love it!  I should have done this years ago!!

Do you like art?  Who is your favorite artist?  Your favorite art work? 

 David Hockney is my guy!  I love his whimsical take on life.  My favorite of his is Mulholland Drive.  I saw the original in LA and LACMA in the permanent modern collection and my heart has been there ever since.

I am also, a Kliban cat girl.  I think Bill Kliban was da Bomb!  love his subversive little felines, and wish he were still living to make more!

I also collect cookie jars.  I got started in New Orleans when the Warner Brothers Store was going out of business.  I went bananas on the Pepe le Pew jars.  From there, I branched out into other really fun shapes.  To date, I have an Ice Cream Cone - Strawberry, Jukebox, In-n-Out, Harry Potter, Frog Prince, Oreo Cookie and whatever else tickles my fancy....

Is there a film you think of often?  Has it changed you in some way?  How? 

 Ah, film.  I am a great lover of film and have so many favorites for different moods or tastes.  I'll try to be concise....

I love Cinderella stories.  I know, she is rescued, not very feminist, but I reserve the right to my own speical hypocrisy....  My favorite is "Glass Slipper" with Leslie Caron.  Her take on Cinderella as a hurting, angry, hungry to be loved person rang so true for me.  I love the dancing (yes there is dancing from the Paris Ballet) and Michael Wilding & Keenan Wynn aren't too bad either.  This is pre-Disney Keenan Wynn when he was one damn fine fellow!  After this would be Ever After with Drew Barrymore.  I just like her.

Aunite Mame - Life is a Banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death has become my mantra.  But really, it's Roz Russell I adore.  I like to think that were she still living, we could do lunch.  I love how feisty and alive she is.  I have her memoir - and love it! 

Ok, I know I am a girl, but ANYTHING with Bruce Campbell.  He makes me laugh and smile

Die Hard, Terminator, other action films - when I'm frustrated, I love a good action flick.  It makes me feel powerful and capable.  And I love Linda Hamilton in the Terminator flicks!  She be jammin!

1776 - This movie began my love affair with John Adams.  Yes, it's true, I am a Founding Father groupie.  I don't have much use for Jefferson or Hamilton.  But Adams?  He's my guy! 

Are you in love?  With what?

I adore Why didn't anyone tell me they were so much fun??? 

Vocation, avocation, passion?  

I have been working in Sexual abuse and Domestic abuse issues for years.  I find it challenging and have a passion to help families deal with and heal from the ravages of abuse. Personally, I feel that is we dealt with Sexual abuse, all other societal ills would take care of themselves. 

Politics.  I have become unabashedly political in the past 8 years.  My father and I would be at loggerheads, were he alive.  Ah well.

OK, that's me in a nutshell...  Hope it helps explain a little about me!



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wow, what a great post. thank you Deb, because I feel like I know you. I know about living with a family wrought in fear and crazy. I too used to sneak away at night,just to be my own person.

I don't smile in pictures either..at least I didn't for years. but now, particularly since my kids and grandkids need to get "that shot" of me, there are too many scowling scrunchy pictures of me, so I'm smiling as much as I can now. BIG cheesy smile. :)

Love David Hockney. Mullholland Drive is a gorgeous painting. I saw his retrospective at the Met some years ago and still have the catalog. He did these great photographic murals, juxtaposing photographs creating panoramas. Really beautiful. And the stillness he can call up rivals Edward Hopper. PLus he's a genius with acrylics, which I think are awful paints. His paintings are as rich as any oil painting.

And I love Kliban too. (and cookie jars.) (and cookies, now that I think about it)

I admire your vocation. It's people like you that make the world a better place and I am not saying that lightly. Thank you.

And thank you for answering this. I feel like I know you. I hope you and I cross post again. I'm saving you as a favorite so I'll be reading here again.
Thank you!!! I loved the question! It made me think and ponder. And I forgot an artist.... Judy Chicago!!! The dinner party was so raw and alive!!