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NOVEMBER 13, 2008 12:43AM

The Georgia Senate Race

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The election season is over, our man won!

Well, not quite… 

 In Georgia, we still have a Senate race. 

 Apparently, in Minnesota, the election laws are different. 

But here in the Peach State, a runnoff occurs when a Senate candidate fails to obtain 50% of the vote. 

 This means that the overly advertised Martin v. Chambliss race trudges on.

 Unfortunately, I believe that Martin (the Democrat challenger) will lose.  Libertarian Allen Buckley prevented Chambliss from winning reelection outright, but now that Obama has won, I think that it’s going to be hard to get those who voted for Obama back out to the polls. 

Here are a few samples of what we’re being subjected to down here.  It ain’t nearly as nasty as when Saxby unseated American hero Max Cleland in ’02, but these ads are still testing folks' patience…

 Here's a Saxby standard...

and Jim Martin is countering with this...

By the way, Saxby is your typical neo-con: five Vietnam-era student draft deferments and an ultimate dismissal from the service due to a bum knee (supposed high school football injury).  For the second time, he’s poised to defeat a veteran in this avid “support our troops” state.


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