JANUARY 30, 2009 6:15PM

There are still cowards among us

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Every once in a while, my little local paper generates some national news.  It last happened with Evander Holyfield's home foreclosure.  Before that it was Pacman Jones' trial in Fayetteville and even further back, we broke the local Chris Benoit murders/suicide.

Unfortunately, I think we're on the cusp of finding our way into broader headlines once again.  

We had some church shootings down here in Fayette County, Ga.  Historically African American churches were targeted.  Authorities estimate that the damage was done between January 19 (M.L. King Jr. Day) and January 20 (the innauguration).  

You can read about it here. 


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(In the story I am credited as "Trey" Alverson. Do not be confused. I am Edgar Alverson III, so the hometown folk know me as Trey).
Good story - sad news. I'm glad nobody was hurt.

Some genius probably thought this was the funniest thing they could double-dare their friends to do. Here's hoping they get caught, or at least wise up and knock it off.
Wow, this has been kept hush hush, why hasn't it been picked up by national news?
I have not heard of this on NPR nor on the television...I must not be listening as much as I think I am...

I sure hope this is not another trend of race crimes...there are some bad, bad people out there who actually WANT to get some big race thing going...
Church is a staple in the African-American community just like sugar in the average homeowner's cupboard. Of course, this is not the first time African-American churches have been targeted by racist cowards. If you recall, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing by the KKK as an anti-civil rights protest in Birmingham, AL killed four little girls in 1963. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this latest incident.
Sad, very sad. Glad to see that you are covering these stories, however!
In many ways I am not surprized that this happened in our lovely state of GA. I just thought there would be more from the get go of Obama's coming in. I am just waiting for more shit like this to happen.
Sad day isn't it??
Thanks all for reading and commenting. This still hasn't been picked up by other media outlets as far as I know--which is surprising to me at least. Perhaps we'll get some arrests soon.

Suzy, the most unique aspect of this Georgia story to me is the location. Both of these churches are in/near Peachtree City--an overwhelmingly white and fairly upscale planned community populated almost exclusively by people with roots/families outside the south who've moved to the area to work in the airline industry. PTC wasn't even around when churches were getting bombed and shot up all over the south forty and fifty years ago. These churches from the story were, but they were not attacked back then.

Here's a little more on PTC and why I generally avoid the area as much as possible
UPDATE: NAACP called a "national press conference" in front of the Fayette County Commission chambers over the weekend.

Several dozen church and government leaders attended the event, but the only media outlet in attendance was us (one of two local newspapers). I scoured the web this morning and found three other regional media outlets that have at least put something out there: the county's other newspaper, a local Atlanta fox affiliate and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Too little ownership diversity of our media ensures that we get half-baked coverage. Thanks for pointing this story out.