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Ed Stein
Denver, Colorado, USA
November 22
Former editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News. Creator of Freshly Squeezed, a comic strip about family togetherness after the economic collapse, syndicated by Universal Uclick


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OCTOBER 19, 2011 3:19PM

The Search Continues

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I’ve forced myself to watch the last three Republican debates. It’s one of those unfortunate sacrifices one must make to do this job. It’s getting harder each time to stomach the pandering, the self-aggrandizement, the bromides, banalities, platitudes and inanities, not to mention the mis-statements, half-truths ¬†and outright lies this collection of know-nothings, wannabes, also-rans and nonentities spout. Mitt Romney alone seems to have something that passes for a brain, but the contortions into which he twists himself in order to appear as nuts as the rest of the field (evidently a requirement for the Republican nomination these days) make him even less appealing than the honest lunacy of the rest of this bunch. No wonder so many rank-and-file Republicans keep asking for another candidate to step forward.

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Touche'. (I enjoy your comments almost as much as your cartoons sometimes -- but your drawings do stand on their own.) The visual of Mittens contorting his brain to appear as nuts as is required rings so true.
The rank and file Republicans know Mitt Romney is a moderate in sheep's clothing. They don't trust him to advance their cause. The problem is that they can't find a charming, quick on his/her feet, somewhat knowledgable snake oil salesman.

Selling the majority a platform that only serves 1% and harms the other 99% will continue to be tough. And, as Martha would say, "That's a good thing."
Love this - so apropos the R's keep searching. My husband and I watched all but the last R debate, and all I could say after the third one was, "I wouldn't vote for any of these dorks."
try some thing other
Hey -- first out-and-out cheering thing I've found here all day. And it's getting late here where I live!!

FunNEE and "right on" ;-)

Yes, but so is Jeb. I'm votin' for the status quo, but if we lose, I'd rather lose to Jeb than any of the current options.
like the cartoons character