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JUNE 6, 2011 6:39PM

VHS Weinergate

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My sweetie lived with his friend Bob and two girls MaryJane and Cherie in college.  Their apartment was typical cheap college housing.  And cheap it was.  The two bedrooms featured metal bunk beds, like those in WWII barracks. 

Bob's girlfriend Lita was there most of the time.  Bob and Lita occupied the top bunk, and copulated like bunnies whether anyone else was there or not.  The bunk bed with sweetie in the lower bunk, the shower, the living room with other people sleeping. They were legends among our little social group.

If there's a place to do it, Bob and Lita would find it.

Bob suggested to MaryJane, who collected the rent, that the food bill should be divided by four and not five.

MaryJane said, "You may act like one, but you eat like two."

VHS cameras were new then and apparently Bob and Lita liked experimenting with the new technology.

About ten years later our little college group was meeting at Bob and Lita's house (they had married as had Sweetie and I).  Bob decided to show a VHS tape to us from one of their three kid's school activities.

"Bob," said Lita, "Make sure you get the right tape."

Bob didn't get the right tape.  Bob, well, Bob showed us one of their special tapes.  Can't say I recognized him right away, but I will say I saw enough that I didn't want to see anymore.  There was stunned silence, and then we began to laugh.  We began to laugh so hard we were rolling on the floor.

Did he do it on purpose?  On some levels I think he probably did.  Like Representative Weiner, Bob enjoyed the strength of his conviction, rather impressive conviction.  Lita was mortified which made us laugh more.

Well, it isn't like most of us hadn't experienced their lovemaking in all the other senses except sight.  And sweetie lived in the bunk bed that was forever rocking.

After today's bizarro press conference where Representative Weiner did a very public mea culpa for an impressive forty minutes, I could not help but wonder what Bob and Lita would have done with today's technology.  Or what college kids are doing today.

 Teenagers discovering sex don't have any sense.  Congressmen are supposed to have more, and yet they don't.  Time after time, we've seen that many public people are governed by their urges, and let them get in the way of governing for the people.

And this doesn't make me fall on the floor laughing.  Not at all.

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I've always suspected that most, if not all, celebrity sex-tapes are released intentionally by at least one of the participants. The artful denial is all part of the publicity campaign.

Dear God, please don't let there be a Weiner sex tape.
I'm uploading a video to YouTube at this very moment which my friend Chicken Maaan plans to post tonite or tomorrow morning. It's tentatively called Young bucks. It is rather horny, but, hell, I'm no celebrity...
I never think of it as being about the sex...it's about character.
I liked your story, and it reminds me how much I do not miss cohabitation with the rocking neighbor bed. The tweet that everybody saw is more funny than criminal, in my mind. I hope he learned to zip it up.
I doubt there are many teenagers who will make it to the White House given the sexting thing given how much disapproval there is about it. However, by that time, it won't be a big deal. Everyone will be clicking their wieners and sending them around. Why not?
That sounds more like desire on Cranky Cuss's part than revulsion. Dear God Don't Let There Be A Sex Tape!
Reminds me of a roommate I had back in the 70s in a group house. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon he and his honey would make the loudest love, her screaming and him grunting, while the rest of us hung out in the kitchen and laughed. Roomie was very short, which perhaps explains the noise. Or else the fast that he was in the bong business.
That is funny!

I guess I don't understand the basic compulsion to see oneself naked or in the act. I see myself naked only briefly, as I drop my towel to don my clothes. Why on EARTH would I want to take photos or videos for future viewing??