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elegant mistake

elegant mistake
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December 12
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AUGUST 20, 2009 8:34PM

Has Anybody Here Used a Class Blog?

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While this isn't really my teaching blog, I am aware that, while nobody at all reads my teaching blog, there are actual College English Composition teachers who glance at this one from time to time. So if any of you are listening, can you tell me if you have ever used a class blog for your composition class.

I saw this cool power point and now I'm just kind of hooked on the idea.

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I have and if your university has Blackboard then the software is already there to support such an activity. I have used OS blogs as class readings as well: Gary Justis, BDD, MJwycha etc.
Sounds interesting!
I haven't used a class blog, but I have had students do individual blogs. I am stopping that since it is a huge amount of work, and will try a class blog next.
whts a class blog? I hve used odetteroulette's blog for class reading and two others from here, but only as reading material. would ove to know how it works or can be used, how I should prepare etc. do share... bec am supposed to be teaching Eng too