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June 10
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APRIL 24, 2012 9:13AM

E pluribus unum;“when did the USA fall from grace..........

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The sun is that of consciousness in the spirit - the direct as the antithesis of the reflected light.'Arthur Edward Waite


..........of the American dream to start worshiping the golden $" 

life will no longer be the chaotic journey of mystery for the star eyed global citizen ,thanks to the smart power of the American open government policy,this may not afford a global citizen the super sensory insight to penetrate the sky hooks of dogma but will go along way in ameliorating the modern day Eve of her silly choice of picking fruits from the forbidden tree in the picket fenced backyard garden of the opinionated mass mind for a man who is wont to laze in the shadows in the heat of the day instead of daring to gather fruit for his blossoming beauty from the luxuriant tree of life set at the darkest face of the deep  of the of the universal mind.

While NASA is wont to use only the most advanced 'state of the art' robotic rovers,particle accelerators and satellites mounted on space hangers in the Isle of Man to understand the universal terrain of the cosmos, citizen scientist hangers-on at the ihub Nairobi will use only the primordial timeless tool of the intellect of man(i sun) to illuminate even the remotest corners of the universal psyche to not only scientifically understand the meaning of life but to map the universal sojourn of the great being of life that is mounted on the specious hunger of the desire of man. High chopines,low chopines-even models have them,we are all walking the same catwalk. So we are not any different.

Except for the penny loafers and the lounge suits.

You may wont to call me John Lee (as in expert by lived experience ) or even Mary Chopin(have you been drinking?)but I have deluded myself that I am capable of being a star if only in the dark skies of Africa ,maybe not in this life but surely the next one unless judgment persists eternally,where is my other shoe?,then I may want to come back as Sarah Smith(pronounced SME) then none will label me a smitten forgery,in the meantime I will come back to my senses to continue sweating my blow in the heat of the day clad in my birth-suit until the time i will hear the good lord walking  in the garden of my heritage or hopefully one of my sonic booms (written words ?)will cause a tectonic shift that relocates me to the land of milk and honey.

Recently ,the  act of shaving the head bald proved no smarter than eating forbidden  fruits from the tree of knowledge when on the second day of the international space apps some tufts of gray hair started becoming obstacles for the prototype remote photo-sensing obstacle- evading rover being showcased on the table by the sea of black-hairs covering the brains that designed it at the ihub Nairobi but that is the subject of another CHALLANGE

"Hang together  or we hang you separetally KenAmericans!" Alien command.



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