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JANUARY 10, 2012 4:21PM

Sans Office

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My feet are firmly planted in midair. Unresponsive to a desk, my continuous flight of fancy is fueled by Ravel waltzes and chocolate. When inspiration drags me from ennui to the easel, this is the view from my corner of the world. 


When I need a new visual fix, I throw a few things together in the light of my downstairs studio...


Or try a new perspective from a child's eyes:

huddy in sunglasses

 Or continue annihilating that Debussy Arabesque I've been thrashing around for about 20 years...


Or trim those wiley hydrangeas for a beauty shot...


 Or head for the kitchen to heat up the joint in the evocative light of dusk...


Or strut upstairs to file that post for Salon. It's winter in California.


Perhaps take one more shot at that Arabesque:


Sans office, life is much sexier.

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That checkered teapot photo looks like a Johannes Vermeer painting! Beautiful, just beautiful.

Lovely views, both inside and out, painted and real. You clearly have a lot of talents.
These are beautiful! I love the "work" we call work!
Wonderful shots. I want a kettle like yours. -R-
Its winter but still acting like fall and you will get no complaint from me.
hydrangeas- my fave flower.
FusunA - LOVE Vermeer. All those checks. And that glow.

jlsathre - you are lovely.

Buffy - Back to work!

Christine - Love this kettle. MacKenzie Childs. A splurge with splurging.

Linda - HUGGGGGS and a kick in the derriere right back at you!
Veddy veddy creative. I see you have a thing for checkerboard objects -- as do I! I'm terrible at chess, so I don't know why...
You are surrounded by beauty, elizabeth. That little cherub in the striped sunglasses is the best work of art on the page, but I am enthralled by that tea kettle pic.

Simply beautiful, Elizabeth. R
Now I wish I had time to paint my views rather than only photograph them! =o)

I especially love the kitchen at dusk.

Debussy... he annihilated his pianists right back! I don't know how anybody plays Clair de Lune without at least 12 fingers.

Thanks for sharing. Lovely images. Inside and out.
Love it all; especially the lime filled vase with your beautiful hydrangeas!
so lovely...thanks for sharing...
Simple and marvelous! Loved it!
I can't decide which photo I like best. I empathize with the feeling that you're "thrashing" Debussy--I've finally given up thrashing Maid with the Flaxen Hair. Maybe in heaven...
Life looks excellent there...and that painting is oh so lovely.
What a fun post! I loved these shots but especially the one that has been dubbed the Vermeer. Excellent dramatic lighting.
Lovely - nice to see the painted view and then the photo views. And how could anything not look great through that adorable little guy's eyes?!
"Sans office, life is much sexier." yeah you bet it is sometimes (not for me, personally, at this point, I need office to get away from parts of life that sucks and is unsexy), but I know the feeling and great post, thanks for cheering me up a bit this mad morning Elizabeth. A hug and rate.
Beautiful painting... and baby.
Love the upstairs room especially.
Great painting! I've dabbled but gotten nowhere near this!

I'm glad you made me a favorite. I'm not sure why, as I haven't written anything in ages on OS. But, I'll be happy to check in on your work.