Elizabeth Willse

Elizabeth Willse
May 25
Elizabeth Willse is a freelance writer, book reviewer and blogger. She works with the Star-Ledger, Examiner.com, and blogs such as Women's Voices For Change and PinkyShears.com


MAY 12, 2012 7:29PM

Letters to a New Book Blogger

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This afternoon, a friend asked me for advice about starting her own book blog. Because she loves books, reading, the literary world, and book reviews. Which is a great place to start.

She’s not as steeped in Internet and social media culture as I am, (I think I managed to explain Twitter correctly, though she may not be sold on the idea.) I did my best to explain book memes and the like.

So here’s a question:

What book blogs do you like to read?

What makes them great? The books they review? Book news? The design?

If you have a blog, give me a link to a post that you’re really proud of.


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Elizabeth, of course the only book blog I regularly read is yours.

I read reviews on Big Salon, The Daily Beast, Slate, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, The Atlantic Wire, Mother Jones and Flavorwire all links I recommend.