Elizabeth Willse

Elizabeth Willse
May 25
Elizabeth Willse is a freelance writer, book reviewer and blogger. She works with the Star-Ledger, Examiner.com, and blogs such as Women's Voices For Change and PinkyShears.com


JUNE 28, 2012 9:50AM

Booking Through Thursday: Who Taught You To Read?

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Today, Booking Through Thursday asks:

Who taught you to read?

I’ve been thinking it over, and I don’t actually remember. I remember recognizing words when my parents read me stories and poems. Specifically, I remember recognizing the word “soup,” in the Random House collection of children’s poems illustrated by Jack Prelutsky. Learning to read wasn’t a big event. My parents and family and everyone I knew read to me, and sprawled to read their own books. I grew up going to libraries and bookstores.

My mother doesn’t remember when or how I learned to read, either. Whenever my parents and I went somewhere and they wanted to keep me busy, she took along a massive bag stuffed with picture books and paper and crayons. She gradually noticed that I wasn’t flipping through the pages of my picture books or Highlights magazines (remember those?) as fast as I used to. And then she asked me what a story was about, and I told her.

I may have learned to read by osmosis.

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My dad taught me to read when I was two. The Brothers Grimm, Aesops Fables etc. I love to read, my house is a library!