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DECEMBER 10, 2008 10:31PM

My X-cellent Adventure (I Was an Extra on The X-Files)

In April of 1994, I flew to Seattle, Washington, rented a car and drove to Vancouver, Canada, where I stayed at a sketchy motel down the street from the studio where The X-Files used to be filmed, in order to watch them create the first season finale of a show I… Read full post »

I just saw The Daily Show in which Jon Stewart interviews Mike Huckabee (Msr. Huckabee is promoting his new book, "Do The Right Thing".)

The first part of the interview was fairly predictable and frankly I don't remember much of it at the moment because all I can think about is… Read full post »

There are a few reasons why I like Barack Obama and I'm glad he will be the next President of the United States of America. To begin with, he's an intelligent, educated, determined, focused individual blesssed with what seems to be a healthy dose of common sense that is employed… Read full post »