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December 31
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AUGUST 30, 2011 1:21PM

Premature Ep-cellation: 5 TV Shows yanked before their time

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In no particular order:

1)    My So-Called Life

Two words: Claire Danes.

2)    Six Feet Under

This great ensemble show should have continued at least as long as E.R. did. I mean, come on – Peter Krause. Michael C. Hall. James Cromwell. Lauren Ambrose. Frances Conroy. Rachel Griffiths. Freddy Rodriguez. Jeremy Sisto. Patricia Clarkson. A luscious cast, incandescent acting, glorious writing; you felt you knew the crazy Fisher family, friends and lovers. So sad to see them go.

3)    Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

A determined Lena Heady, pouty Thomas Dekker and a robotically clever Summer Glau topped this excellent cast in a spin-off from the cinematic Terminator. It barely found its scary, shape-shifting bearings before it was unceremoniously yanked, loose ends be damned. I mourned the loss of John Connor, future saviour of humankind.

4)    V (2009)

Another scintillating SF show I had to watch! Why, oh why did they cancel it, just as things were really heating up! I mean, first the stunning-but-deadly alien queen, Anna, kills her own mother by running her through the back with her convenient hand-turned-into-sword. (Hey, Mom was competition.) Then, the hero rebel priest – now ex-priest – Jack, ably played by Joel Gretsch, falls for the feisty heroine, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell, from Lost). But – the series disappears before they can get it on. Boo hiss.

5)    Extreme Makeover
No, I don’t mean the one about home renovation. I mean the show about noses, teeth, and hair loss – and the fixing of same, while we watch. This show took the makeover concept of Before and After to a whole new level! You can rave all you want about how exploitive it was, and how sad that insecure people would sink to such depths as to agree to have plastic surgery, makeup and hair do-overs, new clothes, for free, and all of it televised… Okay, I tried, ? They said I wasn’t the right type. Sigh. To not even qualify for the Before – that hurts. ;-)

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