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Kevin Lange
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June 21
Expatriate from Chicago, now living in southwest Florida, whose thought processes tend to take the "scenic" route.

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MAY 2, 2011 4:24PM

Novel Writing for Underachievers

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Chapter 1

Blake died.



No, really. 

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Poignant, direct, a manageable read. (thumbs up) ;-D
I was considering greater character development with a prologue stating "Blake was born", but publishers prefer stories with lower page counts. The editors would have put a big red "X" through that.
My favorite part, spread across a few chapters, was when I realized that Vanessa finally understood what Blake had meant in the three letters he had sent during the summer when they were separated. It was then that I understood why Vanessa was so angry, and why Paul couldn’t forgive Blake for what he had said to Melanie. The way the letters mirrored Blake’s fear, and yet still he spoke of his feelings for Vanessa without seeing his own jealousy were so well crafted. I loved the combination of emotions, so well written from different perspectives.

Then again I sometimes read more into a book then might be there.