After speaking to a younger woman friend of mine who just resumed dating, post-age 50, I just had to comment on a topic I see bandied about so much here:  smart women, foolish dating.

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JUNE 10, 2013 11:43AM

Student loans should NOT be forgiven

Is it just me, or am I in fact a thoroughly insensitive, unfeeling person in my conviction that student-loan debt should NOT be forgiven?

This is a subject that I have great interest in b/c I too borrowed $6K in 1970s (a lot of $$ back then), and one of those… Read full post »

(Note:  I was inspired to write this review by Lauren J. Barnhart’s review of “Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen”—thanx, Lauren!)

I thought I’d do my first book report that, ladies, is guaranteed to curl your toes about “the good old days.”  If, as a

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(This post originated as a comment to Shannon Kelley’s post of Dec. 14, “Freedom, Fertility and Feminism.”  It was a topic I felt so strongly about that I selected it, w/some minor revision, as my first blog post.

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