Embracing Epiphanies

Rita Bourland

Rita Bourland
Columbus, Ohio,
August 04
I have three sons in their twenties and have been married for 35 years. Life is good. I embrace life's epiphanies as they come to me and pass them along in my writing.


JULY 7, 2010 1:27PM

Poem: A Cat Named Turtle

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A cat with a turtle (not ours)
This poem was written in honor of our cat who happens to be named Turtle.  She may not behave quite this way, but there are a few suspicious behavior traits that we're keeping an eye on. :-)
A Cat Named Turtle

I have a cat named Turtle,
A funny name, it’s true,
She likes to do the strangest things,
I’ll share them now with you.

She likes to lounge near ponds and lakes,
Sometimes she’ll sit for hours,
She moves quite slowly through the blades,
And nestles ‘neath the flowers.

She eats some bugs and blades of grass,
Then curls up for a nap,
All hunched up like a tortoise shell,
She looks a bit like….

Well you know what I am thinking
But I’m sure she is a cat.

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Fun! Love kitties and turtles! thanks rita!