Embracing Epiphanies

Rita Bourland

Rita Bourland
Columbus, Ohio,
August 04
I have three sons in their twenties and have been married for 35 years. Life is good. I embrace life's epiphanies as they come to me and pass them along in my writing.


OCTOBER 6, 2011 2:00PM

Halloween Limerick

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Halloween Dreams Painting - Juli Cady Ryan
Halloween Limerick

I once had a Halloween dream,
I woke with a sudden, sharp scream,
At the end of my bed
Sat a man with no head,
He seemed to be eating ice cream!

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Ha Good one. Made me laugh and do a Yikes at the same time!
NO head and eating ice cream??? Now thats cute:)
Thanks, zanelle. Limericks are so fun to write.

Thanks, Linda. I wish I had a great picture to go with it. I didn't have any headless photos laying around. : (
This is a 'double take' limerick - very clever, Rita.
Thanks, FusunA.

ChillerPop, I'll have to ponder that one - any suggestions?
Hmmm....no obvious "spooky flavors".....how about whiskey & buttercream ice cream?
Very cool one.
rated with love
But was he from Nantucket? ::rimshot:: R
Combining Trudge's and ChillerPop's comments, I will make him a headless man from Nantucket who loves whiskey and butter cream ice cream. Thanks guys.
Very nice...still trying to picture him eating ice cream!