Embracing Epiphanies

Rita Bourland

Rita Bourland
Columbus, Ohio,
August 04
I have three sons in their twenties and have been married for 35 years. Life is good. I embrace life's epiphanies as they come to me and pass them along in my writing.


MAY 8, 2013 9:39PM

Poem: A Carpet of Pink Blossoms



Photo by Rita Bourland © May 2013


A Carpet of Pink Blossoms


A carpet of pink blossoms

Lies on the ground

Like the softest snow of winter,

Covering impurities with a blanket

Of downy comfort,

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JANUARY 29, 2013 2:48PM

Poem - If I Could



  Photo by Rita Bourland © 2010


If I Could

If I could write a song,

I would find notes and chords

to ease the sorrow in your heart. 


If I could paint a picture,

I wouldRead full post »

JANUARY 16, 2013 12:16PM

Poem - Surprise

Google Image 


“I ‘prised you,†she said.

She certainly did,
at least twenty times every day,

from under the covers
and under the bed,
behind every door
the curtains and more,
she’d catch me off guard
then shout with delight,

“I ‘prised you.â€

She’d hide in the yard
behind every bush
JANUARY 7, 2013 9:39PM

Why Does That Guy Have a Gun?


Google Image 

Why Does that Guy Have a Gun?

Tranquil Sunday,

coffee shop in the suburbs,

folk music on the radio,

barista busy with lattes,

young man, mid 20’s comes in,

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Wooing Fair Ohio
(rhyming essay)

I live in fair Ohio, a swing state with some power; the phone just keeps on ringing, a few times every hour, the candidates are calling; they seem to know my name, they say they want to help; at least that’sRead full post »
OCTOBER 31, 2012 6:21PM

Poem: Halloween Fright


There’s a story that’s told about Halloween night;
The details are sketchy, but oh what a fright.
If you think about ghosts and screeching black bats,
Then add a few witches with pointy black hats,
You'll start to imagine the harrowing scene,
And the facts that led up to the bone-chilRead full post »
OCTOBER 26, 2012 11:47PM

Poem: I've Witnessed Bravery

Photo by Rita Bourland - 2012
I’ve Witnessed Bravery

I’ve witnessed bravery,
bending to power
without breaking,
smiling at injustice,
 knowing truth will prevail,
I’ve witnessed bravery,
laying down its sword,
allowing words to smite its foes,
rising without armor,
risking harm yet sta
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OCTOBER 10, 2012 1:06PM

Poem - Live Fully

Maine 2012 © Rita Bourland

Live Fully

A flower blooms just once then dies;
 Breathe its glorious scent,
 Admire its vibrant colors,
 Touch its velvet petals,

A child is not a child for long;
 See her gentle spirit,
 Listen intently to her words,
Speak to her with kindness,

OCTOBER 4, 2012 12:07AM

Why Big Bird Matters

big bird 

Why Big Bird Matters

In the first presidential debate of 2012, Mitt Romney said he would cut federal support for Big Bird and the Public Broadcasting System.  There were many other salient points in the debate but this one is worth addressing.  I love Big Bird/Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2012 3:54PM

Poem: Life's an Adventure

 Collage and Poem by Rita Bourland © 2012

 Life's an Adventure

Let’s have an adventure; just you and me,
Pack up your bags; now what shall we see?

How about lions and tigers and bears,
Or peddlers in London selling their wares?

Let’s travel the oceans or fly through the sky,
Then try some neRead full post »
SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 11:15PM

Beneath a Patchwork Sky

 Charles Shepherd's farm - Monticello, IN
photo by Rita Bourland
 Beneath a Patchwork Sky

Beneath a patchwork sky, an old farmer is laid to rest.  No more tilling the fields, planting the seeds, waiting for rain. He lies in a field outside of town where flowers abound. Flags blow iRead full post »
SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 5:10PM

Poem: Thinking Too Much

Sculpture by Peter Rockwell (son of Norman Rockwell)
 at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA
Photo by Rita Bourland © 2012

Thinking Too Much

I’ve been thinking too much

why we do it,
why it matters,
 what we gain
SEPTEMBER 3, 2012 1:23PM

Poem: Whistling Addie

 My grand-niece, Addie.  Photo taken by her dad.

Whistling Addie

Whistling Addie, a wonder is she,
She learned how to whistle before she was three,
Added to that, she whistled on key,
She learned Middle C while sipping some tea,

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AUGUST 30, 2012 7:28PM

Poem: What if we Knew

Photo by Rita Bourland © 2012
What If We Knew

What if we knew 
What each day would bring,
That every small thing 
Really mattered,

What if we knew
Our lives might soon change,
An accident loomed,
Or some other problem

We could see all the lives
Impacted by ours,
The folks that we hurt,
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AUGUST 23, 2012 3:48PM

Poem - Give or Take

  My college dictionary from 1971 -  Photo and Poem by Rita Bourland © 2012

Give or Take

By some estimates, there are 250,000 words
In the English language,

Give or take,

Plus we add new words every day
Due to our ability to create, expand,
And change language to suit our needs,

Amazing that weRead full post »
AUGUST 13, 2012 9:39AM

Poem: Blank Pages

 origami box and photo by Rita Bourland © 2012

Blank Pages

Blank pages are we,
To be
Molded, folded,
Shaped by loving hands,

Encouraged and guided,
To take our first steps,
Make friends,
Study hard,
Choose a path,

And good things will come,

Not always so clear
Those uncharted paths,
Those unwrittenRead full post »
AUGUST 10, 2012 2:24PM

Beneath a Patchwork Sky

 Charles Shepherd's farm - Monticello, IN
photo by Rita Bourland
 Beneath a Patchwork Sky

Beneath a patchwork sky, an old farmer is laid to rest.  No more tilling the fields, planting the seeds, waiting for rain. He lies in a field outside of town where flowersRead full post »

 collage and poetry by Rita Bourland

 It Really Was That Kind Of Day

One morning I woke to a glorious sight,
The flowers had grown to a staggering height,

The sun smiled shyly, then took a small bow,
But didn’t let on ‘bout the why andRead full post »
JULY 20, 2012 10:37PM

Poem - Do Others Cry Too?

 Kendra Baird - www.kendrastudios.com

 Do Others Cry Too?

So tragic the death,
so senseless the act,

my tears feel misspent,

How do they help
ease the pain from the loss?

Do others cry too?

What should we do
about bullets and guns,
mental health funds,
youth who are lost,
what is the cost
to us all?

  Toying with Nature

Lucy Temerlin – (1964-1987)

Before you read what I have to say, 
just take a moment to really look at this picture.

Lucy, a chimpanzee born in 1964, was raised by Maurice and Jane Temerlin. 

Soon after she was born, she was removed from the Institute for Primate Studi… Read full post »
JULY 10, 2012 11:30PM

Poem: Awake Ye Mysteries

Artwork by Beau Tudzarov – photo taken at Columbus Arts Festival by Rita Bourland
Please check out his amazing website.  Here is a poem inspired by his art.

Awake Ye Mysteries

I may have judged too soon,
seeing the glass half empty
instead of brimming
 with hope,

wondering why
I feel depleted,

 Columbus, Ohio June 29, 2012 - Photo by Rita Bourland

It is the 5th day without power and I (along with about 200,000 others) am being tested both physically and emotionally.  How to keep my sanity when it’s 95 degrees or higher every single day?  The heat/… Read full post »
JUNE 28, 2012 9:49AM

Planting is What we Must Do

 Honey Locust Arbor - Photo by Rita Bourland 2012

Our neighborhood is blessed with a canopy of Honey Locust Trees that shade the entire length of our street.  The original owner of our house came up with the idea of planting the trees back in 1970.  She talked to all the/Read full post »
JUNE 18, 2012 10:51PM

How Could Anyplace be so Lovely?

 Columbus Arts Festival– June 2012 – Photo by Rita Bourland

How Could Anyplace be so Lovely?

Seeing the painting of the Italian village dipping its toes into the sea transported me.   How could any place be so lovely, I thought? 

I envisioned myself strolRead full post »

‘Patriarch’ by A.E. London
Photographed by Rita Bourland at the Columbus Art’s Festival

This is the second in my series of posts based on art I photographed at the Columbus Art’s Festival.  When I passed the booth for A.E. London, I was stunned by the beauty of h
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