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July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
Linda's column can now be read in The Humm newspaper and online. Also pick up an issue of Screamin Mamas magazine from Florida for a peak at some of my writing.>> My idol is former mentor and OPRAH senior associate producer Elizabeth Coady. Taskmaster extraordinaire but learned so much from her, and if I could be 1/8 as talented as her I 'd be laughing.>>>>> My books "Menopausal Woman From the Corn" "Cowansville High Misremembered" "Naked Yoga, Twinkies and Celebrities" and "Cancer Calls Collect" now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle >>>>>>>All covers also done by Diana Ani Stokely GRAFIX to go.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Cowansville High School Misremembered" book is now out as a fundraiser for the school._______________________ ___________________ Follow her on Twitter @@Mcpheeeeee. Linda Seccaspina was born in Cowansville Quebec about the same time the wheel was invented. _____________________________________ She used to own clothing stores in Ottawa and Toronto Ontario Canada from 1974-1996 called Flash Cadilac, Savannah Devilles, Nightmares and Flaming Groovies. _____________________________________ Her brain tries to writes stories about her menopausal life and a host of other things she gets annoyed at. _____________________________________ She has two sons, Schuyleur and one that does not want his name mentioned. She has a grandson called Romeo who is a Boston Terrier and a grandaughter Bella who is a french bulldog. _____________________________________ Linda loves people quite plain and simple and loves to hug.. Yes, she is one of "those".


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MAY 30, 2011 11:02AM

Plagiarizing & Popping a Bad Pimple Called Urban Outfitters

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When I started out in the fashion business in the 1960’s I thought I would make my mark quickly. I figured with all the ideas I had people would come running with accolades but of course they didn’t. As an assistant designer you basically make a lot of patterns, cut samples and stay quiet. People are not interested in your ideas nor do they care, so you quickly figure out that you are there to learn.




I have told the story once before how they laughed when I created a one piece snowsuit that had a mid zipper so it could also be worn as a jacket. Then they laughed again when they saw the five different infant fleece sets I created. That is when I decided I had to go out on my own to make my mark. Six months later I saw those same designs featured in the Canadian Simpson Sears catalog and they ended up trade marking the snowsuit. The snowsuit made them a fortune and the idea evolved into new styling of active wear done by other companies. Those are the breaks as they say.


When I opened my store I designed 90% of the clothing and the other 10% I purchased. I watched popular jean companies I bought from buy sample clothing from Europe and copy it. It seemed and still seems to be the norm in the apparel business. The designer would design a few creations but basically he or she would produce copies of the purchased samples for their lines. Knock it off and private label it as they say, because clothing companies do not use intellectual property protections. Just like the writing business, people want your creative ideas and words but generally do not want to pay for them.


I designed everything from dresses to active wear, right down to my own jewelry line. I had a deal with a jewelry company - they would produce pieces for my store in small amounts as long as they could sell them in their lines. I figured that was terrific not realizing the money they were making off of my designs.


                       The most beautiful girl in the world

Etsy is one of the best places online to find one of kind handmade things. Many talented designers go on there to sell their unique wares and are now running into problems. Companies such as Urban Outfitters are looking at their designs and doing the Hoboken Hustle with them.


The knock off world is now flooded with imported fake Chanel bags and Tiffany jewelry but for a US Company to do this is a travesty to me. Urban Outfitters is being accused of knocking off everything from jewelry to sock monkeys being found on Etsy. Would it not be a better idea to maybe pay the designers royalties for their product or have them design a line for them?


Just last week they were allegedly caught pilfering another design from Etsy but the designer that complained actually created her piece someone else's design.  Urban Outfitters issued a statement saying there were many similar products on the site and not to point the finger at them. It does not matter to me if there were others since they still have a track record of helping themselves and that crime should never be copied anywhere.





While I researched this article and browsed on Etsy I found this “Pimple Popping Ring” designed by Etsy's artbywinona. It's made from sterling silver, copper, enamel, and freshwater pearl and retails for $163. So I sit here and realize if anyone copies this ring it is going to be pretty easy to trace back. Then I wonder if she got the idea from the new iPhone app by Room Candy called the Pimple Popper.

Who is copying who?


Images and text by Linda Seccaspina

Linda can no longer draw snowsuit

Image of Pimple Popper ring by Etsy's artbywinona

Picture of Linda and her boss Saul Cohen  from Fine Togs in Montreal- 1967

She was later headhunted to work at Kiddie Togs


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First on a Linda S. post?
Wow, that is so wrong. I'm wearing an Urban Outfitter dress right now. I won't go back, promise. ~r
I think my comment is that I am speechless! Maybe later :)
Joan...They own Anthroplogie too. I was shocked but not that shocked. This one woman designed a special sock monkey with her own hand writing on it. Seems they allegedly copied her handwriting too.

Dirnl: To tell you the truth I was too hahaha. I am so gullable :)
Ideas are fluid, I guess. When I worked for the art studio of a large hair products company, my boss the art director, scorned me for the name of a product I came up with--The ManeTamer. Years later, he used it!
Been happening since the dawn of many of us have heard someone else come come up with some great idea at work and ended up taking credit? Not that it makes it right...
You gotta see RUTHLESS PEOPLE again! :) r.
URBN isn't all bad. Philly had an abandoned ship building plant. URBN has turned it into an attractive cafeteria with koi and a variety of art from different cultures. Since they have artists of this caliber, it's crazy for them to steal. I hope they see your blog entry and change their ways.
Big companies have one huge advantage... retained legal firms.
Miguela: Lots of people out there been done in by this kind of treatment.

John: LOL greta movie
Geezerchick. I used to love UO until all this stuff came out. Can you imagine if they teamed up with some designers of Etsy? Great advertising.. Like Butterick Patterns did years ago with all the young British designers.

Rugrat: No reason it has to be this way.

Catherine: The Apparel Industry copyrights Trademarks but not regular stuff.. and you are right. $$$
Great read disgusting ring :) r
The last comment went to the moon?
Kerry may be a pimple popper poop?
This editor may be a hamartia ruins.

How can one be so despicable. creep!
This isn't what went to outer lunar La!
Kerry seems La La nasty and deceptive!

Oh it's a great dayto make hay and eat.
Why worry about self-ruined critters.
There is a Alpacs Gift Shop I may visit.
You swim with bear feet and be so cool.
I wish Ya counseled hick how to kiss too.

I'll buy Linda S. Alpaca wool soft socks.
I be sweet to have a wool bathing suit.
Wear helmet. No pop behind pimples.

Eat Everona sheep cheese and Hi Dr Pat!
Joan H. I never get angry if Ya yell` First!
I never did, a lawyer yells if you yell First!
They're in the business of making money, not spending it.
hugs: but did you look at the app??:)
Chrissie: Exactly.. and its a shame
Art: Your words are so cute about pimples,
That I might have to squeeze your dimples..:)
How horrible, do the ever get sued? Have they ever lost?
I suppose Hallmark will start using OS poems in their greeting cards.
The pimple popping app is really creepy too but the garden is divine.
rated with love
Pimple ring...? Reminded me of some other rhyming word...first thing I thought of...if they rename it, they will sell gazillions!
Linda S. Smiles. That's fine with me...
I once sais this and then some Trouble.

"I Love you dimples. She 'heard' nipples."

If we speak we best enunciate 'nibbles' food.

There really is an Alpaca Farm and Shop.

The proprietor retires from The World Bank.

The Alpaca Shop is near Sharpsburg, Maryland.

It's a great Place. The owners are lady and gent.

He expects me on Valentines Day or Yom Kippur.

Maybe I'll stop over for Smoked Salmon -Kippers.

I just realized male salmon fish are called Kippers.
I feel like a box of chocolate kisses with fresh fishes.
No say you wish for chocolate covered cheek dimples.
Happy Remember the Living Day. No endorse Big Lie.
Sam Kass?
pass `bout?
give `Kisses?
Candy Kiss.
This is super interesting. I know nothing about the fashion industry, but you are giving me a much needed education! Also, I'm glad I took down my Etsy site.

The Canadian fashion industry would certainly be better for for having you. Anyone who could dress up a snow suit, is a-okay in my books. As you know, it is a rarity to find Canadian clothing. A former colleague of mine is now in clothes design but at her prices my hide won't be seeing them any time soon.

My daughter always wanted to all shop at Urban Outfitters until I took her to Giant Tiger and showed her practically the same clothes for a 1/4 of the price! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on copyright and pimple poppers. Looks more like a rusty nipple, don't cha think?
Great post, you nail it right on it's pussy little head! But, I am grateful for one thing at UO. Their jeans! Finally I found jeans that fit me to a tee! For that, I say thank you! As for the knocking off reality? Hello China?!?
super cute pic of you in the red shoes,

but the ring? ewwww
I haven't designed clothes or claim to be an expert in anything fashion. I wear what is comfortable and buy my clothes from department stores to thrift stores. I have put a few pieces together, only to see some celebrity a few months later have something almost identical. I'm certain no one spied on me in Kansas City! I started wearing crop pants with boots, a few years back (I was snickered at, at first), honestly, 2 months later, Pam Anderson was snapped wearing the same style in People magazine and all the raves! I understand your point, though. It is a shame, the orginal ideas aren't being rewarded. My mother was an excellent seamtress and truly could have designed clothes but she was happy sewing for people in the small town I grew up in. I was often made fun of for "homemade" clothes but how "uptown" is it now to have my clothes custom made to fit me? She made 2 suits for me when I was in my 20s and the President of the company's wife (designer clothes, only), had to know the designer of my suits. You should have seen her face when I said, "My mother."
That ring is so ugly. Who would ever want to copy it? -R-
Tell ya one thing: ain't nobody copying Linda, an original like no other. The "Linda" mold? Fogettaboutit, copycats. She's a sole soul.
And no, I did not steal that from the maestro.
Linda, I had no idea. Thank you for this instructive post. It seems creative people tend to get the shaft--someone always reaping their ideas and fricaseeing them for personal gain.
how dishonorable :( what were they thinking?
As large institutions (like corporations) become too hidebound to actually create anything, they have no choice but to resort to the crudest types of mimicry. This is the first time I have heard of anyone unable or too lazy to design their own sock puppet. I did that all by myself when I was 5. Does that mean the fashion industry insiders have less ability than a five-year-old?

I second Wolfman's recommendation to see "Ruthless People". Netflix has it ""
People don't realize that popping your pimples only makes matters worse, especially if you're prone to scarring. You're essentially pushing the infection down deeper into your skin which is the last thing you wanna do. Having said that, I'm not perfect. Sometimes you have to face the public and wearing a big, nasty whitehead is not exactly putting your best face forward.

That ring is godawful, but it still should be protected. If some idiot wants to spend $163 for that monstrosity or for the iphone app...that's why it's a free country.
Too much money Marsha
R Poetess: I love looking at that garden every darn day
Lots of candy kisses to you Art
Rei:The world is their oyster on Etsy I swear

Scarlett: I love GT. Giant Tiger opened the same year I did in 1974. I am so glad they are still going.
As for the rusty nipples I am aging baby hahah
Wow didn't know this. My daughter just did an Internship in Fashion Merchandising with Anthropologie. Why doesn't this surprise me though.
Just Cathy: It's a knock off world

caroline; the red shoes 1967 came from Chandlers n Montreal and KILLED my feet. The suit from Sears. The first and last suit I ever wore.:)

Chelle: When my mother was alive she used to sew beauties like your mother. No one does that anymore.
I only shop in thrift shops and Old Navy when its 75% off hahah

Christine: Exactly

Chicken Maan : I try hard but I am getting old and slow now and losing my mind hahaha

Jerry: Its a mad mad mad world
Julie : Just like a lot of other people do.. Its awful
another steve: They also did apple crate bicycle holders hahah
BSM: I do agree with you
Trilogy: What an amazing job.. I envy her.. wow
I see where after the Oscars or other awards show, the next day they they are shipping the dresses they copy out the door. Thick as Thieves applies I guess!
let us level the playing field
and do away with the money system
(everyone has time but no one has money anyway)
then everyone (not just Big Business) would be free
to copy whatever; it is your labor that has value

note: in Japan, people earn credits (alternative currency)
for taking care of the elderly;
someone could for instance give you a bath and
then take their credit and get one of those
pimple popping rings. Could you go for that?
I recently heard a story of a company that goes on a European tour once a year, buys a bunch of clothing, takes it to China and has them make it for sale in the US. It's a two-year lead time from copy to manufacture to sale, so you'd think that they might save time and make money by simply licensing the European goods.

But nooooo, as John Belushi used to say.
I cannot believe that there is an ap for iphone called the pimple popper. So you upgraded your phone, eh? Good for you.

I kind of feel sorry for creative people who come up with innovative ideas. Trying to keep them safe from thieves, especially in the digital age, is becoming very nearly impossible.
Its symptomatic of capitalisms abject failure that we now live in a world where creativity go's unrewarded and is just an asset that is commandeered on a whim by the money changers.
This was fascinating. I admire you so much for being able to design and make jewlery and clothes - and hats, from what I hear ;-) I also feel sooo mad that you weren't able to cash in on your snowsuit idea!!!! But I think you have the right attitude about it, and I'm glad you never let a fallback like that stop you from creating. Thanks for a great read and also for "Hoboken Hustle", a phrase I've somehow never heard before!
Oh - and also, thanks for making me feel better about not being able to afford to shop at Urban Outfitters whenever I'm in the States!
That ring is the grossest thing that I have seen--and I have calculated this exactly--in fifteen years, three months, and four days.
They don't call it the rag trade for nothing, darling. As to people ripping me off from my posts on OS -- I consider myself just a feeder in the farm team system for the major leagues. And when some major pundit steals one of my ideas, I know that I've done my job.
Scanner:Yup and they flaunt them on ET the next day after the Oscars.

Ume: ahh no thank you..:)
Con: Exactly.. none of it make sense does it?
Heart: no I have a 15 dollar phone that just makes calls.
Jeanette: Like in the music business:(
Jack Heart: ridiculous and swful

Alysa: I have been Hoboken Hustled a lot..:) You just move on..
Brassawe: I so agree
Where does inspiration end, and plagerism beging?
Great timing with this post Linda.
I am at the very moment designing a new style budgy (Aussie mis-spellin) smuggler that has a zipper under the crotch.

The main problem to overcome is that the Budgie escapes whilst trying to take a leak. Apparently the Aussies just pee in the sea, but we Brits are more refined - allegedly.

"Press send Fred(tm) and leave that bird alone you sadistic Siamese"

Oh yes - Rated with an Ug !
Really...?? A pimple popping ring? -- Just read your bio again and realized, I'm a hugger too -- drives people crazy.
DH: I wish I knew
Creekend.. good luck with the zippers a:)
Marty: Oh I know.. I drive people nuts too.:)
I hate it when originators don't get their due. On the plus side, that photo of you from 1967 is awesome!
There's no justice for the little guy.
I sell my photographs...but I have no idea if the purchaser is going to adapt the image for tee shirts, aprons or pot holders once he gets it home. The Internet and Photoshop age has made it too damn easy to steal.
Nice writing.
May I publish it next week?
Of course only kidding.
various.. THE ONLY TIME I bought a suit.. ever.. hahahah the kiss tendrils killed me

Steve: What's mine is yours. take it.. :) Actually I did catch someone on the internet using one of my blogs with her name on it. I emailed her pronto.
That pimple popper video is a stitch. My niece loves Urban Outfitters. I'll have to tell her about Etsy. R
I had no idea. This is fascinating. Not sure about that ring, though; it's disturbing me to look at it!
This may be a dumb question but, can't you get a patent for an idea or a design the way you can for an invention? (The answer is obviously no or you would have done it but I wonder why not - it doesn't seem right.)
Rated. Copying other people's works is the lowest form of theft. This problem is rampant in virtually every field.
Thanks for this info and I thought the worst thing about them was that their stuff is overpriced-
Your good and here again your great.....Those rings are a bit pricey though.
that pimple ring looks like a dead thing.
it's creepy.

r for post, not ring
My kid has that app and I think it sounds like porno. I don't want to say anything and call attention to the matter....
Sheba: I have always loved UO.. this made me sad.
Snippy: art is not always pretty
Margaret; to $$$. They mostly do trademarks. I was only 17 at the time.What did I know?
Harvey" Yes it is
Hayley" You bet
Algis: I agree
Cyril.. I agree
Rbekkah: I am laughing that your son has it.
The sounds are pretty intriguing.:)
Hi Linda. I don;t know much about this area but was nonetheless surprised that "clothing companies do not use intellectual property protections."

Are there available protections but they're more of a bother than they're worth?

How do outfits like Gucci and Cardin sue the fakes?
A app for everything. And a garden, too. Fun post, Linda. And thanks for the insider view of Etsy. :)
"Just like the writing business, people want your creative ideas and words but generally do not want to pay for them." So true. I remember when writers used to get paid for their efforts, now we ask for tips. R
Big Business just sucks. That ring is the most disgusting thing I have seen in years.

Aside from the fact that ring is disgusting, the rest is, unfortunately, life. Why pay someone when you can get it free?
Ha ha, I forgot to reply to your comment. I don't have a son! My daughter actually has the pimple popping app. Classy! :)