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July 24
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OCTOBER 31, 2011 9:41AM

It's Just a Jump to the Left - Time Warping Rocky Horror

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 rocky3    On the last Saturday of every month in the late 70's my store in Ottawa Ontario would be filled to the brim with customers looking for the exotic in wear. Corsets, platform shoes, barely there underwear and French maid costumes. For a month or two I was kind of baffled as to what was going on until one night I drove by the Nelson Theatre on Rideau Street.


There, standing in line were a couple hundred people dressed in things your mother told you not to wear. Of course this was the beginning of the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and during the decades I had that store I proudly outfitted most of the participants.  Years have passed and in today's age of the internet I wondered if the film Rocky Horror excited this generation like it did us?

"Whatever happened to Saturday night?"




I emailed Nate who runs the Bay area's Rocky Horror troupe  and he agreed to let me take pictures of the 'participants' of Friday night's event.  Nate also plays Riff Raff and that night he was extremely busy bringing in props from the last show in San Francisco and trying to get ready in 45 minutes.

"It's astounding you know; Time is fleeting!"



I got there early anticipating a line of people and sad to say today's generation gets there when they get there. A few people complained that it was chilly  and all I could think of was standing in line during  a snow storm 20 years ago while my black ankle socks and tap shoes filled up with snow.

"I remember doing the time-warp. Drinking those moments when  'The Blackness' would hit me."




The first people in line were Kayla and Miguel from Fairfax and they were definite Rocky Horror virgins. But I had to give them kudos as they were willing to sit there in the 'cold California air' for 90 minutes. I told them about my past experiences and warned them about the rice and toilet paper. For anyone that doesn't understand; you should duck during those sequences and if you don't - well don't say I didn't warn you.

"With a bit of a mind flip
 You're into the time slip."




Brittany and Kassie had seen Rocky Horror before but Faryn had not. She was kind of worried that someone might come up to her and draw a large “V" on her face establishing her as a  'Rocky Horror Virgin'. I assured her no one would do it but if I had a marker in my purse Faryn would have been initiated by me personally.

"And nothing can ever be the same."



Maykayla and Emma had the right idea. That Mata Hari hat would protect you from all the Rocky Horror elements including the spray from water pistols used to simulate the rainstorm Brad and Janet had experienced. Lots of theatres don't allow this anymore and as my grandmother once said,

"Well secluded,  you will  see all."



By this time the pain killers had kicked in for a kidney infection I have, and names and time are now fleeting.

" Madness is  taking its toll."



Cat ears? I don't remember cat ears but those bras are "spaced out in sensation!"

"What interesting underclothes you have!" said Frank




I don't remember a Mexican wrestler in the film but "When a snake of a guy gives you an evil wink" you have someone to protect you!





"He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise" to see Geek Chic next to ladies that are " just a jump to the left."

"Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?"




Now we are talking!

"She stared at me and I felt a change.
Time meant nothing, never would again."

"Hi. My name's Brad Majors and this is my fiance Janet Weiss."



"It's just a jump to the left.

And then a step to the right.

Put your hands on your hips.


This duo is rated off the charts for originality!



"How do you do?  I see you've met my faithful handy man!"




"I've been makin' a man, with blond hair, and a tan and he's good for relieving my tension."

I give you Ms. Tasha Fierce. You go girl!


"Although psychiatrists and sociologists are still putting their heads together to explain the cult phenomenon, Richard O'Brien thought the answer was quite simple.  They've asked a lot of people to interpret the show's success and they all seem to miss the very obvious answer. It allows the kids to dress up. I see guys on the street in fishnet stockings and corsets and I think it's terrific. It's a major breakthrough. Women have been cross-dressing for years. Now they can wear almost anything, but a man can't.

Thanks to Rocky Horror a guy can put on fishnets and strutt his stuff and feel okay. I see no harm in that at all. I think the kids are also responding to Rocky because there's an element of naivete about it which is very endearing and not threatening. Its innocence is its strength All the characters appear to be sophisticated, knowledgeable people but they're really not. That allows people of a similar adolescent nature to feel they could be part of the whole thing. "

          Rocky Horror will live on forever- Happy Halloween!


                                     "Let's do the time-warp again!



Thanks to the kind staff at the Albany Twin Theatres and Nate from Barely Legal.

Photos and text by Linda Seccaspina 2011

1970's  photo of my friend and  old staff Jackie Kouprie

Quotes from Rocky Horror



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Here's a shocker: I never once saw R.H. rated.
Some of my happiest times were with my pals at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the 1980s. It is a true classic now and that is why it still resonates with young people everywhere. Great post and I sure enjoyed seeing the costumes of the current kids.
Linda, it is amazing to consider the staying power and continuous popularity of the film! What a festive group and wonderful venue you have portrayed here. The woman in the third photo from the bottom looks exactly like my neighbor, but as far as I know she was home in NY state when you took the photos of the fans. Thanks for a wonderful photo essay on this Halloween-perfect post!
I was the fourth photo from the bottom, not including the video :)
RH was my first glimpse of Susan Sarandon! I think most of us are still that innocent. Wishing our houses could double as rocket ships, and we really could time warp.
The horror genre has a long rich history. Add comedy, music and sexual diversity and you have the interactive Rocky Horror phenomenon. After all, it was 1975. I love it. ;)
Now it's Zombie walks ...
Perfect for Halloween...and good to see the kids are still getting into it. Meatloaf has to get new fans from somewhere... ;-)
I love that movie! Maybe it will on today~great photos!
Happy Halloween
What a fun post. Happy Halloween!
Did you ever stop and think back on the very basic concept of "tradition"--I bet Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof would spit and splutter through the song thinking of "Rocky Horror", but a tradition has to start somewhere and this is such a grand tradition.
Great job- Happy Halloween!!!
jon: and why not??:)
Miguela: and some had none... it did not matter to them

Deisgnantor: The older people were right into it and it made me smile. They had it down.

Geezerchick: Who knew Barry Bostwick was Brad?? hahah

Scarlett: Yahoo has a billboard and it says HONK if you love Zombies

Rugrat: LOL what not from Celebrity Apprentice??:)
Susie: go buy it for the kids hahaha

Walter.. I love that it is tradition
Kevin.. dont know how I did this.
Goodness, I'd forgotten the cult showings of it and the dressed up fans. Fabulous photos and love the lines with them, best Halloween post ever. Thanks for the giggles and not scaring my socks off.
Bleue: No matter what time of year it is it is always time for Rocky Horror:)

Now dance hahaha
Yes, that movie captures the scary part of this insane world with some great vibes and songs. Susan Sarandan looks sooo young and innocent.
Perfect Halloween faire Linda! I have many memories around Rocky Horror, all of them so much fun. When I was six, my Camp Fire leader Charlotte taught us to do the Time Warp. So much fun. Happy Halloween!!!
Linda this was a great post. Thanks for the memories. -R-
So fun, Linda. You've had some great times.
Very entertaining, Linda! R
Zanelle: I am still freaking out about Barry Bostwick

Rei: I brought my kids at age 6 and 7.. They loved it.

Christine: So nice people still have them hahaha. I am forgettting.

Janice.. alas I live through others now..:)
My favorite part of Halloween is Rocky Horror Picture Show . . . sometime, I want to see it "live" with a large audience . . .
Like you said Linda its just a jump to the left. The Rocky Horror Picture show was one of the greatest pieces of performance of our time, equaled only by the Rolling Stones live at Altamont and that required a human sacrifice.
Thanks Michelle!!

owl: Well the Bay area troupe goes out of its way thanks to nate to make sure everyone enjoys themselves..:)

jack: Altamont.. do you know I have driven through there a few times and when I see the hundreds of wind mills on the hills it reminds me of sentinels standing in memory.
Thanks for the memories, Linda. RHPS has been playing continuously here in Columbus for decades. Love it.
I'm glad to see the show is still going on. R
A pleasure to see you here today Linda, I didn't recognize your avatar.
I have never ever heard of this movie, I'll have to look it up. Enjoy your halloween. hugs.
Totally awesome. It would have been fun to be there interviewing these people too. Thanks for taking us all out for a good thrill!!
I would definitely have a "V" on my face :)
- great job, Linda!

This brings back memories. There used to be a theater that showed this all night on Fridays and Saturdays. The admission was only a few dollars after midnight. My friends and I used to go there and eat popcorn. It was a well used excuse to avoid doing papers and studying.
Thanks for the revisit to Rocky Horror times!
...although I only remember all the crazy lines snaking down the streets as, get out your marker and get ready with that 'V'...I've never seen it either.
*she ducks as water pistols aim and rice is pelted* : )
Happy Halloween!!!
Wow. That utube drove me insayayayayayane! Let's do the TW again.
Now I feel like today is Halloween.
I saw an early midnight showing (1978 or 79?) at the old Biograph Theater in Chicago. I was just out of high school. This was an early midnight showing and it was promoted by a radio station. I got the virgin treatment bigtime.
I'm not sure how this wears on Bay area people today. Everything in the movie was new and shocking in 1979 Chicago. In SF today,there are many public events that make Rocky Horror look like a Sunday School pageant in comparison.I prefer RH's innocence and absolute shock.

Susan Sarandan played the best disgusted and shocked WASP ever.

Thanks Linda, living in Germany I needed that, since it most assuredly will not be on TV here tonight!
Looks like a blast! Happy Halloween, Dark Lady!
News item: Massachusetts Mayor pulls funding for local performance of Rocky Horror.

Puritans prevail!
Hah! This was so much fun. I hadn't seen the movie in 15 years and the video was far-out~~~~~~~~~~~~Great Post~~~~~~~~~
I don't know about you, but by the time I finished reading this post I found myself wearing fishnet stockings and HEELS! And I don't know how they even got there! You have mindflipped me, Linda Seccaspina! Have a wonderful Halloween and thanks for sharing your Rocky memories...
I've never seen Rocky Horror but love the inside look through your words and camera lens. I agree that it's great fun for all involved. R
Hey you're back!
Love R.H. and this post is perfect for the day and the event.
rated with love
You always come up with precisely the right thing for the occasion! Like Jonathan, I, too, never saw RHS! The horror!
Sorry to be late guys.. I am fighting a really bad infection and falling asleep on the couch like an old person..wait.. I am old

Margaret: Good times and hope you went once or twice. I see you as magenta..:)

Trudge: me too
A walrond.. wish you were here I would take you.

Sheila Thanks and rent it hahaha

razzle anad thats okay. loved your blog today

Catherine: Hope you threw toast hahaha

just Thinking.. I think they have banned the water pistols.. rice and water dont mix hahah
Another Steve.. it was innocence compared to today wasn't it?
fingerlakes.. thanks so much
Out n a Limb: I guess there are no TBS marathons there huh??:)
Oryoki: If Linda can get off the couch thats enough for me today..:0
Con : Damn those Puritans
Kate: Everyone shoud write their memories and submit it for a giant book
Scanner.. Thanks my friend
Chiller: I wish you could have met some of my RH friends.. Julia Vyse could tap dance her heart out hahah

rita: Thanks and sending hugs
Trig: I have been doing once a week now for a month thanks to emails asking me to. I appreciate the love.

Hugs to you sweet Romantic Poetess
Cathy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... dont say that.. I woud have figured other wise.
Well, it's been a long time since I could claim virginity but when it comes to the RHPS, that's me! Maybe one of these days.....still, nice to see so many younger people born after it first opened, getting into it today. What a great Halloween treat.
You sure know how to make a fun post, Linda. This is so cool. R
Speaker for the "younger generation" *cough, cough* RH still has lots of appeal, but for a niche demographic within a demographic. Usually the eccentric nerds you'd see in band class or drama camp... i.e. all the kids I hung out with in high school. :P
I was a Rocky Horror regular (and floorshow performer) during my teens. Wish I'd had your store as a resource!
I saw it in Tucson but didn't get to throw any toast. Cheers, bites, and chokes, bwahahahaha
Where was the Nelson Theatre? Was it where the Bytowne Theatre is now, on Rideau?
What fond memories I have of the HR picture show growing up in Toronto, heading down to the Danforth with my brown paper bag, newspaper and toast, dressed as Riff Raff if it was cold or Magenta on warmer nights. ~R~
Marsha.. It was fun to see the older kids out too..:)
Toth: Thanks so much.. Bet you were one of them..
Aqua librarian.. thats kind of cool
Eva: Were you Columbia??
Zuna: NO toast???

Various: Yup the Nelson Theatre became the the Bytowne and then they moved it to the Mayfair on Bank Street

MC: I just love that
Absolutely delightful! My favorite part: "I assured her no one would do it but if I had a marker in my purse Faryn would have been initiated by me personally." I laughed out loud! Linda, I didn't expect that from you! Thanks for a fun post, and I'm sorry you're still suffering from your kidney infection - I hope that darn thing goes away soon! Happy Halloween!
Alysa.. thanks.. today was the worst of the worst.. I fell asleep with my lap top with an OS blog on it hahaha
What a fun post Linda. Rocky Horror sure opened a lot of eyes and I've always speculated that it made people a little more accepting of non-standard behavior; especially sexual variety. And thanks for capping it off with Time Warp - truly one of the silver screen's great song and dance numbers.

@JW - get this on your bucket list man.
LOL yeah Jon.. Abrawang says to get it on your bucket list hahaha
I laughed my head off when I read that. Everyone should watch it at least once.
I want to do the Time Warp with Susan Sarandon. She has an inviting neck!
Damn it, Janet! Get Wolfman to the midnight show, stat! (One where the hot dogs fly!)
I saw "Rocky Horror" once (I wasn't in costume), and had a great time. The crowd welcomed us "virgins" warmly. I can't see getting into this on a regular basis, but I'm glad the time-honored tradition is continuing!
It's a tradition for hubby & me to watch it every Halloween--although we've graduated from the theaters to our comfy home. But if one has never experienced it in theater it should be on your list of things to do. I'd also like to see a stage production of this show. And in the words of Frank : Don't dream it, be it.
Loved this, Miss Linda!
Count Cranky: She still looks great and dates young ping pong players now..:)
Linnnn: Just told him and yeah a lot of Frankenfurters..:)

Felicai: Me too.:)
Schmoopie: Do you still time warp in your living room?? Pictures???
I was 14 the first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. By that time, thanks to my sister Cindy, I was already a fan of the soundtrack. I remember waiting outside the old Towne Cinema in Ottawa, Canada for about two hours in order to get a great seat. We were scantilly clad, something relevant to the show’s actors. Albeit inappropriately for the cold Canadian winter! To my recollection, the show didn’t seem to play much in the summer months.

No other movie can boast this much entertainment for your dollar NOR holding it’s audiences’ attention to the level it does, 36 years after its inception. And certainly not after one has seen it a dozen or more times. And I challenge and movie to even try to come that close.

After taking in the show with my friend Leslie, I got home long after 3am which was VERY late for a 14 year old back then. I quickly removed all my makeup and crawled into bed next to my sister and recounted the entire movie and a huge part of the script. We sang Science Fiction Double Feature together then nodded off to sleep.

Imagine my surprise the first time I saw the show with the local actors line up playing the roles down front of the stage. I was amazed. I recall thinking “You mean, there’s MORE!”

The RHPS has become a family favorite. We’ve watched it at movie nights, gatherings with friends and I’ve even watched it alone. Each time singing along to every song, well...because it’s just so hard not to. And any chance we get to initiate the Virgins, we gladly indulge. Rocky Horror isn’t just for Hallowe’en. It’s for anytime. My first ever viewing did not include the actors line up front playing all the roles in unison with the actors onscreen. It did however have the audience participation. And as any die hard fan can attest to, Rocky Horror is not the same as going to ANY other movie. It’s not just a musical – it’s an experience! The show itself, the theatre late at night, the participation, the energy, the costumes, the music, the food. I mean, really...doesn’t everyone bring toast to the movie theatre? ;o)

Hot Patootie Bless My Soul!
LOL Connie... Yes everyone should bring toast to the theatre and their kids like I brought Sky and Perry barely out of diapers.
I think we all lived Rocky Horror every darn day you and I.. RHS was just an excuse to be one notch higher hahaha
I have never enjoyed Rocky Horror, though I love the Time Warp. Great blog!
rocky horror = OWS
I have been wandering around in here this morning and I have seen your comments on a few blogs and they are as good as your blogs!
What fun! I remember introducing the movie to my children when they were teens. (By then it was on video...not the same experience, but they managed to experience the "live" version as well and finally got the appeal.)