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July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
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DECEMBER 23, 2012 10:13AM

Reflections of Christmas Shopping Before the Internet

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Once upon a time there was no internet and when people had to shop they went to their nearest Main Street in anytown USA or Canada.







Santa was everywhere and no child questioned why there was one in every store as everyone knew that Santa had many helpers.







No flowers were ordered online and you purchased flowers in the local flower shop where the air was full of scents from the poinsettias, evergreen branches and large red ribbons and bells were hung everywhere.






Dad and Grandpa went to the local barber shop instead of Supercuts and gossiped with the rest of the patrons. After their fill of laughter and friendship they ventured out in the cold crisp air smelling of Aqua Velva and Old Spice.







There are still the beloved dress and hat shops on some Main streets and at Impressions, Nancy will give you personal attention. When is the last time you had personal attention at Walmart or online?








Doug Hawkin's family has owned this shoe business for over 60 years and when my son needed wedding shoes at the very last minute he was there for us and did his utmost. This year the Christmas slippers were bought from Doug as not only does he care for each customer - his son  is my son's best friend. You can't get that on the internet.







I lost Christmas for many years but suddenly found it this year, remembering years gone by when my sons tightly held their pocket change and bought gifts in this very store.







Sounds and sights of Christmas fill each window and if you look at the window reflection you can see they have been here for many Christmas's gone by.






If you go into Sweetcheeks you feel the warmth of family and not just an image on a screen. Colourful cuddly items fill each corner and children's laughter fills the air.







Women use to pop in to hairdressers each week like The Hair Loft where owners like Heather will greet you with a hug.  You won't just be a cog in a wheel and smiles and a warm cup of tea are free in the real world.









Blessed are the children of artists for they shall inherit the earth. Come in and see the magic first hand.









Drop in for a muffin and coffee in a  little warm corner of Main Street. Enjoy real conversation instead of speaking to a screen. We are losing bits and pieces of being social with each other each minute we spend on the internet.







When I was a child we never went to a lot of stores to Christmas shop. Hashim's, The Ritz and a couple of other stores were enough for us. The staff knew everyone, especially those we were buying for, and had many personal suggestions.


The Treasure Chest on the Main Street of Cowansville,Quebec was my favourite store and the ladies of Wisteria have a shop that is the closest that comes to my childhood. Jams, tea, honey, scarves and so many other things with a personal touch.






Without the knowledge of our past history, origin and culture we are similar to a tree without roots. My family attempts to preserve architectural history and I am proud of them for keeping history alive.







Flashback--Holiday nights--
Are almost left behind,
Suitcases of memories,
Time after Time.


“You don't have to turn on the TV set. You don't have to work on the Internet. It's up to you."
Ray Bradbury



Photos by Linda Seccaspina of downtown Carleton Place, Ontario

The merchants of yesterday in Carleton Place


The history of The Graystone Inn/Guidos


The Carleton Place Santa Claus Parade Blog





Yes, I know I sell, live and breathe on the internet- but it was sure nice to remember when I didn't.














The Seccaspina - Griswold Christmas Lights











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Or buy the Kindle version now available on the US site.




 Cowansville High School book will be available in January



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I realize very few are on here.. but I had to do this to wish an old friend Open Salon a happy holiday season.
Linda, Happy Holidays to you and yours! In my area of the country I can still find a number of stores along the lines of what you have shown so attractively in your photo essay. Nevertheless, online and national stores have made huge inroads in my region. Even in Manhattan I can think of some small shops that seem out of place in the huge metropolis, but I'm happy they have a reliable clientele that keeps them in business year after year.
Even in places where downtowns are being revitalized, it's because of big box retailers or for reasons other than retail. Nice post...
Happy holidays to you and yours, Linda! This brought back a lot of memories for me, of shopping in downtown Cleveland and going to the Twigbee Shop at Higbee's.

Let's hope that 2013 will see Open Salon return to its glory days!
Happy holidays to you and yours, Linda! This brought back a lot of memories for me, of shopping in downtown Cleveland and going to the Twigbee Shop at Higbee's.

Let's hope that 2013 will see Open Salon return to its glory days!
Finally got on here!
My neighborhood is still very "old school". We even have a Christmas tree up in the plaza, and no-one has stolen the ornaments!!
I dont now if I will get on again so I will answer now.. It was touch and go.

Mr D- I once had a small business for 25 years.. I dont think I could do it again with the internet - but when you find those gems you cherish them.

Yes Rugrat it is and Amazon is destroying small book stores.

Jeanette- Cleveland was almost my second home at one point and I wholesaled out my designs to a few stores there.. I love that place.. Happy holidays to you and yours too.

Kevin- I like your area.. I really do.. You and I have had ice cream there a few times. Miss you
Hard to believe I barely knew what the internet was a decade ago. This brings back suck happy memories; my mother and I were talking last night about the downtown department stores and their over the top window scenes at Christmastime. Looked forward to going down there all year as a kid. We made a day of it and I also remember Twigbees well; my mother still has a few pieces of jewelry that I got her from Higbee's kiddie shop. So glad you wrote this.
I've been away from most internet stuff for the past few days, so I'm coming to this lovely post late. What a wonderful way to remember bygone days - and also to honor your hometown. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you and all your neighbors had a good Christmas.