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July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
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JANUARY 3, 2013 12:51PM

Cancer Always Calls Collect - Part 4 - Am I an Adjective?

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                      (picture from never lose spirit blog spot)





I looked out of the window at a cold outdoor view that probably would not change for months. The outside actually seemed to mimic what was going on inside. That too would not change for a very long time – or would it ever change?


I came to help him, but after last night I finally realized I cannot create miracles. As I had once helped myself through layers of darkness; he must do the very same - but will he? His once existing anger had surfaced again in response to the helpless feeling the chemo treatments leave him with.
Through the years the once silent rage had became vocal, blaming me for everything that went wrong. In his stormy mind he believed that unless I committed to his way of thinking I had no right to any opinions in life.
Now some days he now sees his verbal tirades as a much needed release from his tortured soul. Often his silhouette looks like it has collapsed from sickness and desperation, yet other days he looks at me in earnest and says, “thank you”.
Last night I reminded him once again that no one can save him but himself. I stand by the sidelines wanting to jump in to ease his troubles and pain and I cannot. It doesn't matter how difficult or abusive one has once been - no one deserves to go through this walk of hell alone.


I frequently release my anger silently and realize we are all the same - sick or not.  We fall down, get up and do it all over again until our very last breath.


Are we just tubthumping?




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Cancer Always Calls Collect - Part 2 - Dear Santa


Cancer Always Calls Collect-Part 1



Exhibiting extreme tenacity beyond one's normal stamina





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I know it's rough, you are awesome for being there.
Giant hug!
I agree with Kevin...not an easy thing to see or deal with, but you are being a champ...
Love the song. Hate what you're going through.
I saw my father and a close friend die of cancer Linda. I'll tell you one thing if I should ever get it I'm just going to pick me out someone who needs killing. No thanks to a slow lingering death.Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing that at the moment of our death we could go back in our life and correct the biggest mistake we made?
It is just a matter of getting up and taking the next step......that whole one day at a time, one event at a time, one procedure at a time means a lot. So does forgiving others....and ourselves. Lucky guy to have you by his side.
Thanks guys for commenting and Jack.. I am with you..
Linda-- am just catching up. Sending love prayers and hugs.
That helpless feeling I know well, you are doing all you can do and offering everything you have, you can do no more than that...I need to catch up!
I dont know why we can get on today.. but thanks Antoinette and PW for commenting also.
Wow! That title says EVERYTHING! I hate to say "brilliant" for such a horrible topic, but you nailed it!
Linda, this is so beautiful and profound. I hate that you're in this situation but admire you so much for doing what you can and giving your all for those you love. I know having you there must be great comfort. You are an angel.