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Linda Seccaspina

Linda Seccaspina
July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
Linda's column can now be read in The Humm newspaper and online. Also pick up an issue of Screamin Mamas magazine from Florida for a peak at some of my writing.>> My idol is former mentor and OPRAH senior associate producer Elizabeth Coady. Taskmaster extraordinaire but learned so much from her, and if I could be 1/8 as talented as her I 'd be laughing.>>>>> My books "Menopausal Woman From the Corn" "Cowansville High Misremembered" "Naked Yoga, Twinkies and Celebrities" and "Cancer Calls Collect" now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle >>>>>>>All covers also done by Diana Ani Stokely GRAFIX to go.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Cowansville High School Misremembered" book is now out as a fundraiser for the school._______________________ ___________________ Follow her on Twitter @@Mcpheeeeee. Linda Seccaspina was born in Cowansville Quebec about the same time the wheel was invented. _____________________________________ She used to own clothing stores in Ottawa and Toronto Ontario Canada from 1974-1996 called Flash Cadilac, Savannah Devilles, Nightmares and Flaming Groovies. _____________________________________ Her brain tries to writes stories about her menopausal life and a host of other things she gets annoyed at. _____________________________________ She has two sons, Schuyleur and one that does not want his name mentioned. She has a grandson called Romeo who is a Boston Terrier and a grandaughter Bella who is a french bulldog. _____________________________________ Linda loves people quite plain and simple and loves to hug.. Yes, she is one of "those".

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Last night as Steve edited this blog we had a long discussion about it. He said no matter how hard I complained the Westboro church people have the right to say their words.

What they do in my mind is wrong, dead wrong. To have the right to useRead full post »


Last week I was told once again by certain people that I am not good enough to go to heaven. Then I watched the 2006 film Jesus Camp and realized why some people believe that I am going to hell. I understand there are a lot of people that do… Read full post »

bunny      Matt Paust asked me to post a live reading of Shame of the Father to help promote a beloved Open Salon writer this week. He said in his blog that I could wear a mascot head if I wanted to, which I probably should have done. When I sent… Read full post »


jeannnn         Imagine buying a pair of $100 jeans and as you fondle them carefully some sales clerk looks at you and tells you not to wash them. First of all my spending quota on jeans is about ten bucks and second of all I… Read full post »

                                 Dedicated to Open Salon's JohnTink

              … Read full post »


  question         What happened to 74-year-old Novato, California resident Dale Smith? His wife Evelyn age 55 never mentioned he had left to anyone until two weeks ago. She had told a questioning neighbour Phil Olbranz that her honey was miss… Read full post »


Wednesday I had the pleasure of having lunch with Open Salon’s Luminous Muse (his account) and his lovely Musette. Come enjoy the day with us.


                    &nb… Read full post »

Everyone has to have fantasies! I can just see them now! Go Kerry! Go Emily!



I decided to do something completely ridiculous today. It's a holiday and bloggers can be insane sometimes. (Please hold your thoughts, I can really hear them. Thank you!)… Read full post »


I read Deborah’s Young’s blog on Friday about CBS news reporter Lara Logan and people were questioning whether she was raped or assaulted. Who cares how many theories are out there?  Something tragic happened to her - be it rape, assault - it's all horrific. We may never know… Read full post »

As only a lowly fan I was not able to get an advance copy of the new "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" to preview. I scoured reviews good and bad and was quietly steaming while I read them. I am prepared to hate this spin-off and have already figured out that maybe the… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 16, 2011 10:46AM

16 and Pregnant When Reality TV was Just Black and White

I have been sitting here shaking with anger for hours trying to figure out how I should write this. I have decided I am not going to name names and point fingers, because nothing will ever really get solved. I am simply going to tell the story about something I had… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 15, 2011 10:51AM

Most Likely to Date a Serial Killer

This week I finally got to read an article from the SF Weekly that had been sitting around for months. I had been completely fascinated that someone at age 19 could have a cover piece as the most successful murder groupie in San Francisco.

All my… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2011 10:51AM

The Romantic Cat "Tail" of Selma and Rogue

I wrote this very true "cat tail" in March of 2009 after reading daily emails from a good friend of mine about the cats she loves. This blog is dedicated to everyone that helps animals and above all to true love.

Once upon a time, there was a very kind lady who looked after… Read full post »

star   Every Valentine's Day makes me think of the horrid ‘heartfelt’ festivities in elementary school. You spent hours carefully cutting each valentine from a book that cost you 29 cents out of your allowance. You knew that if you got 3 or 4 cards you would be lucky asRead full post »

val    Why do so many people wait until there is a holiday of some sort to be demonstrative? Is there something marked on the calendar that particular festive day that says,

"Okay guys and gals - suck it up; it's time to be super nice today!"

Are people really human
Read full post »

  phoneShe inserted ‘The Wizard of Oz’ once again into the VCR while she waited for the phone to ring. Tears were coming down her face remembering the months that her heart had been full of joy.  Love had always been hard for her to receive and she could never… Read full post »

                      Preface of The Tayles of Emileeeeee Mcpheeeeee

                                    &… Read full post »

After reading Scanner's blog this morning at 6am, I am dedicating this blog to him today. Love you Scanner and stay warm!!


Please play while reading.

Thanks to SHEBA MARX for sharing her winter photos.  Her links are at the bottom.


 … Read full post »

*Warning!  Graphic text!


Yesterday my internet was off for over 12 hours. When it crashed I waited for 30 minutes and then banged on the door of our in house IP provider. Every time I tell someone the internet is off I get the same immediate question,

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leia     Princess Leia has lost the force so she says and has joined Jenny Craig to become its newest celebrity spokesperson.  I was kind of shocked as Leia aka Carrie Fisher at one time said,

"I'm sorry I didn't eat just lettuce and sunflower seeds!” Here’s wRead full post »

Some days I am sure some of you wonder if you are making a difference in life by writing words or with other forms of communication. Through my life I have tried so hard to make people understand that they matter and hope that maybe I made their day brighter at… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2011 10:46AM

It's Never a Good Day to Die!


   deadr    Emileeeeee always had problems with love. She never trusted people and refused to believe anyone could love her. Why would they want to? She had always understood that she had been defective merchandise from the day she was born. Wasn't her mother rushed out o… Read full post »


Dear MTV,


In an announcement this week you mentioned that the "Jersey Shore" kids are going back to "the homeland" for season four. Are you really serious about Italy being their homeland? Shouldn’t Snooki be going to Chili instead of Italy? Do the Italian people have any idea tha… Read full post »

Please play while viewing pictures.

This is a blog about "The Oakland Museum of California White Elephant Preview Sale" that is held every year.

Quotes from:  "Mission Impossible"



"Should you, or any member of your I.M. force,Read full post »

The day was crisp and cool at the county fair the day my sister died. I am told the rules about riding the ferris wheel by a somewhat expressionless man even though I am the only one sitting in a still damp seat. The changing colour of the leaves and the… Read full post »

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