AUGUST 26, 2010 4:20PM

Open Call: Glenn Beck rally

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As many of you surely know, Glenn Beck is hosting a rally at the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday, August 28th -- a date that Beck supposedly didn't realize coincided with the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech."

We suspect that some of you who live around the DC area might be going out to check out the madness. If you head down there, we want to see it through your eyes. Let us know what's really going on at the Beck/Palin rally. Blog your photos, videos and stories and we'll feature them on the cover on Monday. We're looking to cross-post some of the responses to Salon as well.

Be sure to tag your posts "Glenn Beck rally" and blog them by Monday, August 30th at 8am ET.

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I am sure going to try!
Hey Emily...DC girl here. I will make a point of going downtown on Saturday. It will be fun, kinda like an assignment; your ace reporter reporting for duty :)
Oh! (rubbing my hands together with glee!) This ought to be good...
oh. oh dear. you mean i'd have to GO?! dismay.
Oh how tempting! I'd get myself down there...except I've been watching Fox news and reading the NY Post for a week now to get the "other side" of the mosque (that isn't one) controversy and I'm too sick to travel.
aww, Nikki, we could go to Glenn Beck's rally, wait a few hours for our stomachs to settle, and have lunch!
Love it. I will gladly take Dramamine before reading or watching the videos.
And whatever you do, don't forget to bring your protest signs!
@ Joan and bluestocking -- Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

@ Linnnnn -- Indeed!

@bohemian -- Come on! It'll be fun in a masochistic sort of way...

@Nikki -- Let me know if you figure it out... I'm still puzzling over that one myself.

@Joy -- I understand the sentiment...

@lefty -- Absolutely! Protest signs! And take pictures of your signs (and, of course, their signs)!
I don't have to go. I'm in Kentucky. I see these goofs every god damn day.
In fact, all I have to do is glance at the cubicle next to mine.
I shall attend!

Y'all make sure that you get right up in front and be sure to wear your wet "I ::heart:: Joan Walsh" Tshirts, K?

You can do it, ladies = your boobage will ensure good "coverage". Come on! Do it for the honor of OS! ;~)
The bastard LOOKS like Glenn Beck.
Kyle, I am going with a preconceived notion about Glenn Beck. You are right. I really cannot stand the guy. However, if there is anything positive to take with me, I'll be the first to say it.
"anything positive to take away from it" is what I meant to say.
Joan, I so love you!
I'm still waiting for the defenders of Beck to explain what he meant by "white culture" and why he wouldn't answer that rather simple question when asked on it.

If they are getting sick of being called racists they are seriously lacking in the proving-it-wrong department.
Have y'all seen the Tea Partiers Guide to visiting DC yet?

I shall happily be staying as close to the Green Line as possible to avoid any contact!
Mine is here, a primer for those attending the rally: Understanding Glenn Beck
Emily, it will be a bit difficult for me to get to, from this side of the Atlantic. However, here is something you may care to look at:
funny to come back to the states after some months and oh, that's the new big thing. I've a lifetime and more in the real news biz and being an "activist artist" and political activist, Fox 'News' and Glen Beck are a slap in the face to everything I've worked for, to my whole life's efforts, still some historical perspective can help, there have been here huge rallies for all matter of nonsense and people later reporting some shame at having taken part.

that this latest shin-dig occurs on the MLK anniversary is for sure intentional, there is a deep racism in it all and racism is an affliction requires the person heal them selves.
@black jack I'm a conservative, and I'm reading you....besides listening is a skill many people should learn.
Emily, I wish I could go so you could get a view from both sides. Not likely here.
Of course, as a writer and not a leftist political pundit using a writer's blog to further your political views, you are calling for genuine, truthful not leftist leaning, anti Beck, anti Republican posts too aren't you? Oh wait, this is, silly me. Forget the question.
Glenn Beck's rally today has nothing to do with "Restoring Honor". It's about restoring the "Christian Nation" myth.
BOKO! Are you LOCO?! If you're LOCAL, I urge you to stay home with the rest of us and don't go into the light!

Kyle, no worries. I don't detest Glenn Beck in particular, just zealots in general. Which leaves out most of my family. If you want the scoop on what the vast majority of Washingtonians will be doing with their time today, I am covering it minute to minute on my blog. Today: cleaning out the trunk of my car. With photos!
Goodie, goodie. Another Beck bashing session.

I can't believe this guy has become America's newest obsession.
Wish I was there... I saw it on the news though... what´s the deal with that guy anyway? Seems to me like FoxNews is really creating sociopaths and more dangerous now that they have access to International Media Broadcasting... what a lethal weapon they are
Rated and hugs from Colombia