NOVEMBER 16, 2010 6:21PM

Open Call: Salon's Men on Top

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After much soul searching (and collective brainstorming), we would like to introduce you to our renamed Sexiest Man feature: "Salon's Men on Top."

We've come up with our rankings of the men who embody real sexiness -- but we know we missed some. Let us know who you think should have made Salon's Men on Top list and tell us why your candidate is worthy of the honor.

Be sure to tag your posts "Salon's men on top" and post them by 10 am EST on Friday, November 19th. We'll feature our favorites here on the cover of Open Salon and we're planning to cross-post the best ones as part of a Salon slideshow.

Update: Salon's Culture editor, Sarah Hepola, has put out her own request on Open Salon looking for your exciting suggestions.

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Wow. "Men on Top" certainly has a nice chauvinistic ring to it, don'tcha think? I'd be interested in seeing the demographics of the people that picked that name.
So if you do sexiest women will you call it "Women Underneath"?
Okay fine. See if I ever answer another open call or post a TV recap ever again. Huff. ;)
i'd rather be taken seriously.
Whatever they call it, John, I bet it includes the word "Ho" or " "biAtchez ".
Men on Top - Of what? I see why you describe it as a "collective" decision. No one person would want to held responsible.
its deja vu all over again for me :p
And there I was, all proud of "Masters of Salon's Domain." Too 20th century?
On top, bottom, sideways or backwards I just want to be taken.
Besides, isn't Tink already on top or are we doing outsiders too?
I guess you missed my The Quiescent Man post. Oh well you're the paid staff.
I think that's a dumb name. Why don't you just call it, "Men I'd Like to Fuck" and be done with it.
ablonde wrote: "Men I'd Like to Fuck"

Maybe next year!

In years past, some of the best ideas came out of Open Salon. Looking forward to seeing what comes up this year.
Stellaa, you're watching too many of those Housewives shows! Not everyone is interested in the money. Other things are important too.

Men I'd Like to Have a Joint With


Men Who Look Like They Don't Suck in Bed
Men on top or women on top? Let's not start a battle of the sexes. Perhaps the sexiest pregnant woman should be the question, leaving the connubial combination at a copulative compromise:
Men and Women on the Side.
There are also Open Salon's Men on Top.
Since you are getting suggestive and strange I will repeat a joke from a female comedian whose name I forget about sex when older -- "I thought I was having rough sex but I was fighting for bottom."
I like the way you think Ablonde. Sorry Editors, hate that name also. Come on, is that something new, Men on Top?
TINK ON TOP!! TINK ON TOP!! Teeheehee!!

Nah, sometimes it's fun to be on the bottom. Teeheehee!! What?


Men I'd like to fuck? Brad Pitt, but the early Legends of the Fall Brad, not that Post A. Joliet Pitt!! PFFFFT!!! :D

Maybe Kerry's eye, but well, we'd have dinner first!!! :D

**runs off into the thorn bushes**
Honestly, I just saw the list, and the entire black velvet of my brainpan barfed when I saw "The Situation."

Ignorance is never ever sexy or desirable. The man is lazy and dumb as a box of hair.

How on earth could you folks think that the women of Salon, or any reasonably intelligent woman anywhere, would celebrate this moron?

How does exposing your abs make you a viable candidate in this contest? He is famous for being stupid. Did you miss that?

Can you, can anyone, offer a cogent reason why a dumbshit, drunkass, reality show "celebrity" be celebrated here?

I look forward to your reply.
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