MARCH 15, 2011 2:35PM

Open Call: Spring cleaning

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It's March 15th… Dare we say spring has arrived? Well, here in New York we've been enjoying temperatures that regularly hit the mid-40s during the day, so that's good enough for me. And with the warmer weather comes… spring cleaning! Though many of us dread this annual purge, one of the wonderful things about the grueling ritual of turning your home upside down is not what you throw away, but the things that you realize you just can't part with.

So, we're asking for personal essays about an object from your past that you can't bring yourself to toss, even though it no longer has a practical purpose in your life. We want stories of how sentimental possessions affect us and about the strange and complex emotions we attach to inanimate objects.

Be sure to tag your essays "spring cleaning" and post them by Friday, April 8th at 10AM EDT. We'll feature our favorites on the cover of Open Salon and we're hoping to cross-post a few in the Life section of Salon as well.

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Sounds like a plan, Emily. Now I'll add that to my list of to-dos. Thank you, I think.
I am glad that you posted this Open call. Hmm... Which object to pick? There are so many to choose from!
Yeah, baby! If it has anything to do with Spring Cleaning, I'm on board! Or overboard...whichever...xox
Terrific writing prompt, Emily. I look forward to to the responses.
Already started mine...
Already started mine...
Very cool a hoarder in training, this is the story of my life...but how to choose just ONE thing I can't throw away? :-)
Excellent! I am looking at as I type. . . .
I like the sounds of this Emily though when I look around me I see too many things that fit the bill. A good call that's bound to serve up some creativity.
Well if you do then you should pay these great writers for their post.
Cross post = pay, no?
I'll see what I can dig up, but in Florida we don't have Spring. We only have two seasons: Hurricane and Not Hurricane.
an idea that just might get some very original and very diverse responses. nice one, emily.
Great essay idea. Since I'm cleaning and packing for a move, I bet I will find something!
Great essay idea. Since I'm cleaning and packing for a move, I bet I will find something!
@junk1, Susie, Robin, Chicagoguy, sparking, Lea & Blue in TX -- I look forward to reading what you guys come up with! If you can throw up a photo of your object with it, that would be great.

@tg -- Cross-posting is part of our efforts to drive traffic and (for those who use AdSense) revenue to your blog. Kerry posted a great explanation of how we're working to improve our revenue-sharing process here:

@fingerlakes, scarlett and femme fort -- Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the responses too.

@Alysa -- You figured me out -- this is all part of a secret plot to goad people to becoming subjects in my planned reality TV series "Open Saloners who hoard"... I look forward to reading your piece, whatever object you decide on...

@Trudge -- Good luck! -- I hope you come up with something.
Thanks for posting, glad you're a part of Open!
i posted and tagged spring cleaning. this was way fun to write :)
Okay, I keep coming back, hoping someone else will be the nerd to say that April 9th is a Saturday...
@cindy -- Glad you enjoyed writing yours! Luckily (or sadly) the end of my high school years coincided with the rise of iTunes, so I've pretty much lost track of my old CDs (although those were never as cool as records anyway)

@Thinking -- Oh dear. You're right. Hopefully I would have realized this sometime this week. Changing now...
What an intriguing call! But, as someone else has already said, how to choose just ONE object...I'm thinking, I'm thinking...