SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 4:05PM

Open Call: Freshman Orientation

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Over on big Salon last night, we're ran a great piece by my colleague (and, as some of you may recall, erstwhile Open Salon Editor) Thomas Rogers about how an uncomfortable, homophobic college hazing ritual changed his life -- and the way he viewed himself. The article is kicking off a new series called Freshman Orientation, which will feature personal essays about how we're shaped by the things that happen to us during that first fraught and fascinating year of college. We'd love for you guys to chime in too; we can't wait to read your stories about your own formative freshman year experiences.

Be sure to tag your posts "Freshman Orientation." We'll feature our favorites on the cover of Open Salon and we're hoping to cross-post a few onto Salon as well.

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I don't think I can remember back that far! :-)
I can imagine there are many remarkable stories out there of freshman orientation experiences as it was the first time for many they had some freedom away from their parents.

Considering not everyone has had the opportunity to attend colleges and universities you might want to expand the open call to include unique personal stories about the first few month of serving in the armed forces, or a first job, etc., as that type of experience would have a similar set of circumstances for many, as well.
Ooh, this could be fun. Great open call idea.
"we can't wait to read your stories about your own formative freshman year experiences."

Even mine?


Screw you and the donkey you rode in on during Pledge Week!!!


~wanders off~
Cameleon, just added you as a favorite!!! And well, I wrote my answer to this Open Call because well, I'M A REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE!! :D
@Jeannette -- Hah! Well, if any of the responses spark your memory... We'd love to read it.

@Larry -- I completely recognize your point. The reason we've limited it to college in the Salon series is because we launched it in conjunction with the nationwide debate over college education (is it overrated or undervalued?). So it's a bit more focused on what we do -- and don't -- gain from a liberal arts education. But, of course, I'm always happy to read whatever you guys choose to write about on OS, and I'd certainly be fascinated by reading about other types of coming-of-age experiences.

@Fernsy -- Thanks! Hope to read one from you!

@Tink -- No, Tink, not yours! All Open Calls come with the tacit "we'd love to read something from EVERYONE BUT TINK" caveat. :)

@Cameleon -- I'd love to read an in-depth story about your post-military freshman year.

This is a wonderful idea for an open call. I will work my story into the story for Hope's character. As I often do. :)

"No, Tink, not yours! All Open Calls come with the tacit "we'd love to read something from EVERYONE BUT TINK" caveat. :)"

That's what I thought!!! READ MY POSTS DAMNIT, OR THE DOG GETS IT!! Oops, I mean, uh, thanks!!

~Wanders off into the thorn bushes dejected and wearing one of Joan Walsh's old hats~
P.S. tell Mr. Thomas loved his post, especially the whole oil wrestling(I use to do that in college too, only we were all naked and no sports, just wine coolers!!! :D) but uhm, they really need to do something about the Trolls over there in the letter section, gawd, it was like reading a transcript of my family reunion!! :D
Why what an elite get together- around 27% of the country has a bachelors , but by all means let's make sure that they maintain their exclusive status by running a call that can include only the privileged few.
Wait, I'm part of a "privileged few"? I've never been a part of one of those before!! Woooo!! Thanks Uncle Sam!!!!!

~wanders off proudly~