JANUARY 20, 2011 5:27PM

emma peel 2

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Just wanted to let anyone who cares know that I will be blogging and commenting under the easy-to-remember moniker of emma peel 2 from now on. I have experienced difficulties in signing in -- I also do not remain signed in once I shut OS down for the day -- to the point where I finally gave up trying under emma peel. I tried several different browsers, clearing cookies, you name it, and nothing worked. And yet I have zero problems -- for now at least --  signing in under my "new' name. Perhaps better minds than mine will have to explain why that is because I can't. 

See you on the internets.  


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It's the same old me.
Emma, You are just so damn good that OS decided that there needed to be two of you.
Aw, thanks. Just couldn't hack the technicalities any more.
Emma, I have been having problems logging onto Open Salon and staying logged on. This morning, for example, I entered my name and password. Then I went to answer email in another tab. Well over five minutes later, I was still not accessing my account on Open Salon. It is aggravating, so I can sympathize with you. Of course, then the site randomly kicks me off...
Emily, possibly even Kerry, threw a railroad spike into your Emma ONE.
OR... OS is overburdened. It is the slowest site on the web. Write on Emma.
That occurred to me trig. Keep emma on a short leash and out of trouble. But it didn't really start until the past couple of months.
@Catherine: I know. It's frustrating.
Only the last couple of months? Well, that eliminates my theory!
I've missed both of yous.