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Emma Kaplan
December 31
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JANUARY 14, 2010 10:45PM

Stop Military Spying, Support Port Protesters!

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 Protesting Against Military Strykers Is No Crime! Drop the Charges on Patti Imani and Emma Kaplan! Prosecute War Criminals Not Anti-War Protesters!

CONTRIBUTE TO PORT PROTESTERS LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. Write checks to PO Legal Defense Fund. Mail to PO BOX 295 Olympia, WA 98507.

Donate online:  here

We are going up against an empire that is granted trillions of
dollars to continue its agenda, we do not have corporate sponsors, we dependon the people for support. Whatever you can give $5, $10, $20, this is a very meaningful way to support this kind of resistance.


 On Friday January 27th, Olympia anti-war  activist Patti Imani and World Can't Wait Steering committee member Emma Kaplan will be facing trial for participating in protests with Port Military Resistance (PMR) in August 2008. They could each face a fine of up to  $1000 and 1 year in jail.

PMR  relies on non-violent  tactics employing  human, and sometimes structural, blockades to prevent war machinery used in Iraq and Afghanistan to move through public ports and streets.

Over the past 4 years, the ports of Olympia and Tacoma and gates of Ft. Lewis have become points of protest and resistance to the wars of aggression waged by the United States. Students, activists and veterans have come together to take responsibility to stop the crimes of their government. Hundreds of people have been involved in this resistance. Protesters stood strong in the face of pepper spray, batons and tasers that were used by police against demonstrators. 


tacoma port protests

 The port protests united many people on different levels to stand up and oppose the war in Iraq. These protests disrupted business as usual and inspired many people around the country, demonstrating the potential for much greater opposition to the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan

 Police agencies at every level and the U.S. military have engaged in surveillance, harrasment, and suppression of these protests. Last July, documents obtained by activists through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that John Towery, a well known “member” of PMR was actually a “force protectant” for Fort Lewis Military base. In these documents, it was found that between September 2007 and July 2009, Towery had infiltrated PMR to spy on protesters. Towery’s information was fed to the U.S. Army, the Olympia Police Department, and the Tacoma Police Department to aid in their attempts to stop the protests. In a statement to Democracy Now!, Fort Lewis's Public Affairs office publicly acknowledged that Towery was a military operative. Emma Kaplan's police report details communication between Defense Security, the Tacoma police department and the Military Police during her arrest. Under the Posse Comittatus  Act of 1887, it is a crime for the US military to become involved in civilian law enforcement.




In this context, the arrests that were made and the charges that are being brought forward are both illegal and totally unjust. All charges must be dropped against Patti Imani and Emma Kaplan. Defense council, Larry Hildes, will argue for dismissal of all charges against Imani and Kaplan in Pierce County District Court .

Underneath Obama, the U.S. continues it’s illegal occupation of Iraq. The REAL criminals in the Bush administration continue to walk free. And Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan and is further spreading it into Pakistan while threatening U.S. attacks on other countries in the “war on terror”. The wanton killing of civilians remains a pillar of the war on Afghanistan as the U.S. military targets wedding parties and schools. The war crimes of torture and indefinite detention remain in effect throughout Bagram in Afghanistan while Obama is leaving Guantanamo open, despite his promises to close it this January. The horrors continue every day and the need for resistance to these crimes is greater than ever, but people have been paralyzed and demobilized. This must be changed. All those who oppose these wars have the responsibility to throw off this paralysis and struggle to shake others out of it. Crimes are crimes, no matter who the president is that is committing them. All those who are against the war must support, take up, and spread active opposition to the war!



We call on all those who are against the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanstan to support Patty Imani and Emma Kaplan, andjoin us in continuing political resistance to these wars. What is needed is to spread mass resistance to this unjust and immoral war throughout out the country.




CONTRIBUTE TO PORT PROTESTERS LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. Write checks to PO Legal Defense Fund. Mail to PO BOX 295 Olympia, WA 98507


PACK THE COURTROOM! Your presence tells the world that anti-war protest and resistance will not be silenced. Your presence will tell the world that it is absolutely right to not let the war machine roll through your community.


Pre-trial Hearing FRIDAY January 22, 2009 at 1:30pm

Trial begins Wednesday January 27 2009 at 9:00am

Pierce County District Court: 930 Tacoma Ave South

Tacoma, WA 98402-2115 Room 936

[Note: Come at least 20 minutes early to go thru courthouse security. Check in lobby for specific courtroom.]



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Emma, I wrote tonight about Scott Roeder's trial in Wichita KS this week. He admits killing Dr. George Tiller, the abortion doctor I knew and respected very much, and is charged with murder. His lawyers got the judge to say he might allow a "necessity" defense that Roeder was motivated to kill George in order to "save" future fetuses. I'm sure Roeder thought that, but it doesn't mean he's not a cold-blooded murderer. Whereas, your protest was against the killing of living human beings in Iraq & Afghanistan, in an illegitimate war by our government. I hope you get to say that in the trial.
It really turns reality on it's head when war criminals are allowed to walk free in this country and our government continues to wage unjust and murderous wars but it is those who are trying to put a stop to these crimes through protest and dissent who are criminalized. Great post, Emma.
What's the date of the trial? The 27th is a Wednesday.