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Emma Kaplan
December 31
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JULY 28, 2010 12:57AM

SB1070: No Difference Between American Only and Whites Only.

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SB1070: What is The Difference Between Americans Only and Whites Only?


On July 29, SB1070 will go into effect. This law will make life even more horrific and unbearable for millions of immigrants and millions more who look like they are from another country. This is a leap in the whole bigoted storm trooper culture that was unleashed under Bush and has been offered a place to stay in the Obama administration. This culture was strategically developed after 9/11 when the powers that be widely promoted that there was nothing too vile, sadistic or inhumane when it comes to “ America and American lives.” It began with the round-ups, pre-emptive war, Guantanamo Bay, indefinte detentions, and the ripping apart of families. Now, here in the U.S, armed right wing militias run around cutting open gallons of water that volunteers leave in the desert to save immigrants from dying of dehydration, while another right wing group in Utah sent the addresses and phone numbers of those who are of Latino descent ( including pregnant women) to law enforcement agencies and demanding that they be deported. Reactionary tea partiers are tweeting they will “kick the ass of illegal advocates” and “ no citizenship for illegals, go home”

( Isn't “Go Home” what the Iraqi and Afghanistan people have been telling the U.S military for 8 years?)


In the face of all this, Obama could have called on his “grassroots movement” of the millions that voted for him to go to Arizona to force the government to retract this law and to stop this whole anti-immigrant sentiment. Instead he called on people to get “past the two poles of debate” and referred to SB1070 as “understandable.” WTF? How can you get past a pole of debate that compares Latinos to a rat infestation? What is "understandable" about a law that will mean misery, detentions, deportations and possible death to innocent people. This philosophy of common ground and concilliation with an unwavering fascist force paved the path to the gas chambers.


This racist atmosphere will not be lifted by latinos pledging their allegiance to America anymore than when certain Jews attempted to pledge their allegiance to Nazi Germany. It will not be lifted by pointing out that immigrants do the work that “nobody else will do” and re-asserting the notion that people's worth is based on whether they can be exploited to serve American interests. No, this atmosphere will only be lifted with a culture that challenges people to stop thinking like Americans and start thinking like human beings.


If being illegal means that you think that human beings deserve the right to live without being hounded, harassed or degraded because they are brown. We should all be illegals.

If being illegal means that you think children should not die of starvation and poverty because of the history of the U.S.'s role in exploiting, stealing and plundering their land. We should all be illegals.

If being illegal means that you won't support or comply with this Nazi-like atmosphere. We should all be illegals.


Throughout history, it is known that the only way things change is when people refuse to go along with business as usual and fight for their vision of a better world. It doesn't come from spontaneous legislation, or a democratic savior; it comes from the masses of people not waiting for the criminals at the top to move and they move on their own. This is what is being called of us now.



People are in Arizona right now protesting this inhumane and illegitmate law. On July 29th, the people are coming together for a day of non compliance with this law. People of shut down street corners and have been arrested. Revolutionaries have plans to make no deportation zones in Arizona where people are refusing to allow their neighbors or their co-workers to be grabbed by the authorities and be taken away. This is what we need and what must spread. Stay tuned to worldcantwait.org and revcom.us for updates



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Well spoken. Hopefully this law will be struck down in no time, but with all the white racists out there supporting it that seems increasingly unlikely.

Real change and real justice won't come from this broken system, it must come from the people.