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Emma Kaplan
December 31
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SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 2:19PM

Letter to Jon Stewart: Why I am Marching to Restore Sanity

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Dear Jon


I have to say I am so delighted to hear about your march To Restore Sanity in Washington. I have been looking for ways to oppose these right wing lunatics who hate black people, immigrants and want a theocracy ever since their guy stole the elections in 2000. I know you might be thinking, I sound like one of those left extremists that thought George W Bush should have been impeached for war crimes. Well, in my defense Jon, I was momentarily seduced by the millions of people in society that were saying that Bush had defied international law. They were just fringe groups.


These right wingers tea partiers are completely out of control. They think that Obama is a muslim and that he is not American. They have their own news stations and are winning elections in some states. They blame all muslims for 9/11. I don't have a problem with the fact that they hate muslims or black people, it is their tone that bothers me. We need a middle of the road, which is why I think Obama's approach of not killing Muslims who live in the U.S. but continuing to kill Muslims in the Middle east is a fantastic form of diplomacy.


As for the the left wing lunatics, I have been thinking a lot about these people. I caved into all the leftist propaganda about Iraq having nothing to do with 9/11, torturing people in Guantanamo and other war crimes carried out by Bush.


Those tea-party folks really dislike those left wing loonies for the same reasons you do. You might want to give them a chance, we have more in common with them than we think and I'd could live with a little theocracy.


I completely agree with you that we have to find a moderate center. We need to find something in between committing war crimes and not committing war crimes. Which is why I really like your approach of having war crimes committed but pretending that they aren't war crimes. I think that this also explains why you had that brilliant consitutional scholar John Yoo on your show. Who better to learn from than the very man who did this professionally for the White House?

Thank you Jon, for not making me choose between these two sides. In a time where the right wing movement is gaining initiative and my government kills people the name of my safety, I can still keep my comfortable position as an apolitical America!



Anyways, I have to go now, Hardball with Chris Matthews is on. Let's take a stand for change we can believe in - no matter what reality might be!


See you in D.C.


Emma Kaplan,


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I enjoy Jon Stewart, but he seems pro-Israel in a way that means anti-other people, like Iranians. I think Glenn Beck and the Tea Party do require a response, but Stewart's discouragement of accountability for Bush and Obama war crimes is reprehensible. In the end, it seems his show discourages political responsibility. That's not good.
@ Wat, I total agree with you about Stewart discouraging political responsibility. So many people are going to his march, not really understanding the position he is putting out and where it will lead to.
Snarky sarcasm beats pleading stoicism yet again! Gosh darn it! I tip my hat to you Emma Kaplan, well played.

re: http://nihilo0.blogspot.com/2010/09/reservations-about-jon-stewart-and.html
Good post Emma,
I've said that Stewart and Colbie should hold a rally to keep the one party system the same... But alas they contribute to it -- and play an integral part in it -- in fact, so I don't think that that's something that we'll see.