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JULY 1, 2010 7:28PM

What's More American Than Voting Against Your Self Interest

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The continuing propensity in this country for people to continually vote against their own self interest- economic and otherwise- is inexplicable and maddening. The social contract which should exist between the government and the people has been abrogated- the social safety net destroyed and is now basically non existent. And yet the tea partiers and assholes like Joe Barton rant about how the bad government and that Nazi, Communist, socialist Kenyan, Muslim Lizard King is stealing Their America and beating up on poor little innocent BP , the banks, insurance companies and big business in general. 

People without health insurance  rant and protest on behalf of the very companies and policies which oppress them, and virulently, hysterically scream opposition to government reforms which  might improve their health- both personal and financial. The ignorance and stupidity of the ever popular 'keep your government hands off my Medicare' crowd is not only mindboggling, but  of course  is beneath contempt.

In Ohio, in 2004, enough  working people voted for Bush to  give him Ohio- and the presidency,  even though the Repugnican   corporate whores were closing plants left and right,  shipping  decent paying American  jobs to Asia.  WTF were these people thinking???

That policy was not exactly a well kept state secret. The corporations had made their views on the expendability of the American worker very clear-in both word and deed- yet here were those same workers voting for the administration which actively encouraged, supported and gave tax breaks to the corporations which were closing the plants and eliminating their jobs. Again I say- WTF????

Eight years of Bush and the constant repetition of the Big Lie seems to have effectively brainwashed so many people that its terrifying.  Have   Mass Stupidity pills have been put into the food chain?  Meanwhile, food banks are running out of food, medical relief organisations which ordinarily work in the Third World set up clinics in the US and the lines are so long thousands of people are turned away.

Countless billions have been spent on the illegal war in Iraq and in enriching friends of the powerful here, as well as propping up a corrupt government in Afghanistan- yet there's no money for social services for people in this country. The ordinary citizen is basically being told to fuck off and die- you don't count. Our infrastructure is crumbling- Big Oil still runs the show- and things keep getting worse and worse.

And Washington- and the state governments don't give a flying fuck. They're too busy enriching themselves, rewriting history books and worrying about who loves whom, and trying to bring about the Christian fascism they believe is preordained, to be bothered about the destruction of the middle class and the 'small people'.

OK rant over- for now...

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Mass hysteria. People know something's wrong and they're scared, but too ignorant or proud to admit it and are looking for someone who exudes confidence to tell them who to blame. If enough of these discontents coalesce, we have potential insurrection posing as revolution. It's happened before, of course, and always with disastrous consequences.

Great rant, Jane.
Thanks Matt.

But the general stupidity and ignorance level in this country is so mindboggling that many people don't even seem to know when they're being fucked over. Fear overpowers reason- if it existed in the first place. The GOPB and other PTB right wingers stir up mass anger and do what they can to exacerbate fear and insecurity, thinking they can control it.

The German industrialists thought the same thing about Herr Schiklelgruber...
I honestly sense a revolution coming. And I fear for all of us.
I really do.
I just watched the last two episodes of Happy Town and if you get two angry guys who get another two and then it goes on.. what do you have?
Mass hysteria.
This woman is most brilliant.
I knew you would like her Amber

Lot of scary stuff- and people out there. And ignorance and stupidity that's sometimes hard to believe. It doesn't require much cynicism- or paranoia to believe that Faux news and Lim-Beck's constant fanning of the flames are just the type of the iceberg, and the puppet masters behind the scenes have a very unpleasant agenda. Google Dominionism and The Family/The Fellowship for a scary look at plans the Christian right and their GOBP allies have for America...
I meant tip of the iceberg of course...

Many thanks for stopping by. I hope Linda didn't twist your arm too hard ;)
It really is great to find people with brains who can appreciate a nice sense of outrage and a good rant.
If you're curious- look into Dominionism and The Family- very educational...
Ain't that America, something to see!
Great, true, rant......if someone would just listen! It is easier to follow the leader than think for yourself.

The Reagnites wanted Born in the USA for a theme song- and the Repugs wanted one by Mellencamp for the last election.
I guess they're not good at subtext comprehension- or even text...

Too true and so sad. For a large segment of the country, it seems that logical, independent, rational thought is a completely alien concept.
and probably scary too...
None of this is an accident. There are too many little people, the most efficient way to get rid of the ill and infirm is like this. The weak will die off first, darwin is their guide. It will be nobody's "fault" you can't predict these things, you know? Yeah, right.

There's a small flaw in their logic, the strong will survive and be effin' pissed. This is going to end badly if it doesn't get stopped. I am terrified of a Revolution. Glad Amber sent me. Great post, rant on.
it's not enough to be angry. you have to come up with 'why are things like this' so you can go on to 'what should be done'.

then you gotta do it. too hard for americans. the best they can hope for is a cesar chavez, some one to do their thinking for them, tell them what to do, dole out food stamps.

after many years of saying 'we need democracy,' i have reluctantly come to understand that 'you get the government you deserve' is precisely right. the corruption, incompetence and arrogance of the ruling class only works because of the ignorance, laziness and cupidity of the serfs. there will be no democratic revolution, for lack of citizen quality people.

so, there will be a chavez along soon. the ruling class has abandoned military service, and the army is mercenary. the outcome must be lower class people coming to high rank with an army only loyal to its officers. enter chavez.
Yes, ranting is good for the soul! And a well written rant, I might add.

a fine fine rant. What can we dooooo? So frustrating.
Even a dog can see the wisdom in your words

And it is an excellent rant. You rant well...right up there with the best.
And you make a lot of sense too. :)

there definitely seems to be social Darwinism at work- even if the right wingers don't believe in evolution...

The drastic decline in education coupled with a lack of knowledge about or interest in history and the realities of American democracy does not bode well for the future.
The social, cultural and political disconnect between military and civil society- highlighted by McChrystal and company's dissing of the chain of command and civilian control of the military- two cornerstones of our system- also has dangerous implications. As does membership by serving military and law enforcement officers in right wing groups such as Oath Keepers.
RA, Fernsey, Buffy, Fay-

Thank you. I guess the only thing we can do is vote for the least objectionable candidates, and let those in power whom we support know that the loud public rants of the lunatic fringe are not representative of all the people in the country.
Nothing wrong with this. I'm also afraid for our future, partially because people vote against their interests and partially because the middle class will eventually run out of money under these conditions. Once that happens, I have no idea where we end up. For one thing, a lot of the rich won't be rich any more because they won't have customers, but they don't seem to be noticing that yet.

There are many things those at the top seem not to have thought through clearly. One being that when American workers lose their jobs because a company outsources or moves a plant to increase profits, but then those workers who are no longer working can't afford the products even if the cost is less, sales slump...