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AUGUST 8, 2010 4:06PM

Houston, We Have A BIG Problem

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More than one actually. In fact there are so many problems  the mind boggles and its hard to know where to start. The crumbling education system and lack of healthcare are so yesterday.  But  to name just a few of the more  recent outrages...

 For example- Camden, NJ is planning to permanently close its 105 year old library system and destroy all the books because it can't afford to keep  the libraries open. 

  In Arizona, the millionare Republican candidate for state treasurer, who campaigns on fiscal responsibility and  of course tax cutting, somehow forgot to pay taxes on his million dollar house for two years.

The TSA is working on making its visual strip search scanner mandatory- and big surprise- it turns out that they're saving the images which were supposed to be immediately deleted.

The unemployed are being rejected as potential employees by many of  those hiring- precisely because they are unemployed. Meanwhile-  arrogant, mean spirited Repub  Neanderthals vote  against extending unemployment benefits    because it makes the poor lazy.  And they cut nutrition benefit programs at the same time.

Of course  not throwing  $500 billion into the toilet every year- I mean funding the insane  military  incursions in Iraq and Afghanistan- might help alleviate some of the problems this country faces.  As would having so called public servants in office who actually give a fuck about their constituents and the country. Instead, the Repubs  and their  ignorant, bigoted supporters are obssessed with proving the President is an alien Lizard King, and enthusiastically opposing any program or policy the administration supports- regardless of the effect of that negative intransigence on the nation as a whole.

And the American people seem happy to stay fat and ignorant and revel in that ignorance and apathy. Who needs a library anyway- books are  old fashioned and  might have dangerous ideas in them.  The Surveillance State is there to keep you safe- if you don't comply with  its every whim no matter how insane- then the terrorsts have won.  After all- privacy is  an archaic concept, dangerous and  unpatriotic.  If you haven't done anything wrong- why shouldn't your  every thought and thread of your life be an open book for the government? 

What's the answer? I don't know- but something has to change and drastically-  the status quo  means things are only going to get worse.  But as long as the  head in the sand, bread and circuses mentality is the prevailing one,  I don't see any hope for this country regaining its promise or its soul.

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Five years ago a local village library shut down. They put the thousands of books in an abandoned building.
My kids used to play paint ball in it and told me.
I rescued a lot of books.
What a sad state of affair
Camden is a very poor city- which makes having access to a library essential for its inhabitants. Of course, keeping the people ignorant and isolated plays into the hands of The Powers that Be.
Sad and telling.
"you get the government you deserve" is true for very rich people. the rest get the government they are willing to endure.

most americans are brainwashed into accepting the lot they are born into. it could be much worse, and in the 50's it was much better than just about anywhere. unfortunately, that was just an accident of history, and the culture of the nation could not sustain prosperity.

i believe democracy is the only system with hope for long term success, because the electorate is 'eternal,' not bound to follow the career choices or ego aggrandizement of a few individuals. unfortunately, the human race has been breeding toward the baboon model of politics for 100,000 years and the alpha males may be an insuperable obstacle to survival. they have a firm grasp on america, and the losers seem incapable of resistance.
I think the masses would pay more attention if you said, " Houston we have an Issue."

Today, on the news I saw Sean Penn off in some other country doing some charity. Sure, any charity is good but what " Charity begins at home," Are we so well off that we don't need it here. So angry making- There is so much poverty and misery here why are these celebrities always do gooding elsewhere?
Enemy, nice rant. I hope you got it all out. Everyone needs to let out the anger ever now and again. I know I do!

I definitely agree about the brainwashed part.
The problems arise when the average citizen loses understanding of what democracy really means and how the political system really works.

I don't begrudge Haiti Sean Penn's presence or the money he's raised...At least he's trying to do something positive. And yes- the need there is great and a comparatively small amount of aid goes a long way.

But if only a fraction of what has been wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan was used for social programs and infrastructure improvements in the US, then there would be a real difference in the lives of the people here.
Thanks scanner-

But unfortunately, this little rant barely touches the surface anger wise...Each day there's something new to go insane over. And of course the usual suspects ain't going away...