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NOVEMBER 13, 2010 10:12PM

Ranting Away and Responding to the OC

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Ah-  so much- where to begin...

A few things  which drive me insane:

The mindboggling,  breathtaking  level of  ignorance  so pervasive amongst the American populace, and the apparent loss of the capacity- or inclination -for independent, rational thought. The decline in the literacy level and the lack of basic knowledge in so many areas - that  are not pop culture- is just scary- and dangerous.

The pervasiveness of fear and hate.  How did America become a place where people are so terrified of   everything and everyone who isn't  exactly like them in every thought and way.

The terrorists won- getting  bags searched to enter a government building, being groped by the TSA or suffering radiation poisoning and a virtual strip search just to board a plane prooves that.

People who can give the life history of the reality show contestant du jour, but don't know the most elemental facts about the American political system  and the history of the country.   

 Women  (particularly younger ones) who are the benefits of feminism and past activism and who expect equal pay, treatment, opportunity , but are horrified at the thought of  identifying as a feminist and make clear their opposition to the idea. 

The hypocrisy of the Republicans- establishment,  stooges like LimBeck, tea baggers- all of them.

Sarah Palin.  She's breathing my air. Limbaugh and Beck- Ditto...

The mindless moronic  Teabagger puppets marching  happily in ignorant lockstep (with the  occasional goose step) as their  strings are pulled by their   manipulative corporate masters.

President Obama- for blowing the 2 years the Democrats controlled Congress in an attempt to play nice, thus eliminating any opportunity for meaningful change to take place in his administration.  And along with that- Democratic wussiness in general.   The Repubs had no qualms about ramroading their policies  through Congress- too bad Obama and the Dems didn't have the balls to do likewise.

The fact that this is the ONLY   developed country without   a national health care system and  the only place (in the  first world) where medical cost issues cause people to go  broke  and into bankruptcy.

The deplorable system of public education- and the even more deplorable  attempts by the Repubs, Religious Right and corporate interests to destroy it.

 Text junkies who can't look up from their phone to see where they're going. And related- phone addicts- especially those with bluetooth or other earpieces. Its getting impossible to tell the authentically crazy people who are talking to themselves from those who are surgically attached to the mobile... 

The loss of a genuinely free press- and  a MSM that does serious journalism and investigative reporting.

 Homophobic hysteria. Don't the  bigoted fools in the military  (and elsewhere) wailing about how openly gay personnel will threaten unit cohesion and national security remember the same arguments were made against intergrating the Armed Forces.  Sharing living accomodations with black people wasn't popular with the  white servicemen at the time either, but President Truman didn't let that stop him from issuing the orders desegregating  the Armed Forces. Its a shame Obama seems to lack the same inclination, moral fibre- and guts.

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Oh my goodness, did you ever cover the hot buttons! It's as if I wake up in the mornings on another planet. I don't recognize this country at all anymore. Thanks for participating. This is a great list.
I'm putting a link to this on my post.

Bless Lezlie..
I was sick yesterday.. the place was turning at 8 minutes a comment..
Great list and it begins and ends with me.. with... Ignorance and sarah Palin.
Rated with hugs
God I hear you. I am right there with you. I think a lot of us are walking around pissed off at how Obama and democrats have squandered what may be our only chance for decades to turn around this mess. And totally with you on young women, have them in my classes all the time.

Thank you so much. And extra thanks for the link on your blog.
People need to wake up and see the realties if the situation isn't going to get worse- but how do you get people who are brain dead and proud of their ignorance to think?

Bless- doubly...
This is getting to be Bizarro World.

I suppose your students don't have a clue that there was a time before the Pill and when abortion was illegal? And It was perfectly legal to discriminate against women in the workforce, financially, and in society in general. Nah- that's a downer. Lets spend more time on Facebook.
Yep. I'm angry about all the same things. I'm so frustrated that a desperately needed chance to make real progress was squandered. I was quite content to let the GOP be shut out of EVERYTHING in Washington and given a chance to contemplate their own irrelvance. Why did it take only two years to screw up the best and possibly last chance we had to change things??? WTF?????
I wasn't pissed, but now I am and everyone else should be too!

I don't get it either- unless you want to go to Crazytown with weird conspiracy theories. Like Obama's not a Nazi, Communist, Muslim, Socialist, Kenyan, Lizard King- just a deep cover Republican...
It makes no sense - especially after 8 years of Cheney, Bush, Rove- to not take advantage of the opportunity that 2008 presented.

How can any intelligent, rational, thinking person NOT be pissed off?