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APRIL 7, 2011 2:39PM

Goodbye Buddy

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Buddy is dead.  I found his body on the walkway in front of my house this morning, when I went to collect the  newspaper from the driveway. It wasn't  completely unexpected- the past couple of days he suddenly  looked bad- f ur gone ragged,  much thinner in the hindquarters and moving much more slowly than usual.

Buddy was a grey and white homeless tabby, who was the star of my post 'Feline Family Values.'  He showed up at my door in the summer of 2003, thin, limp and desperately in need of food and especially water.

So, cat sucker that I am -  I filled an empty plastic container with water, and  an empty cat tuna can whose contents had just been consumed, with dry  cat food and put it out for him. It was gratefully accepted.  And  since the offerings were repeated the following day and the next...he stuck around, knowing a good thing when he experienced it. My  yard and that of an equally feline besotted neighbour became his.  I could get close, but  never pet him. His level of trust and appreciation did not extend that far.

Over the years, Buddy became the alpha leader of his own little tribe. He fathered two sets of kittens before I was able to get him, his lady and the kittens fixed. A couple of them did manage to find homes,  a couple still hang around  and the others, including  his mate  eventually just disappeared. 

In 2005, an extremely unmaternal mother cat who was passing through my neighbourhood,  abandoned her twin  kittens litterally on my door step. As I had two of my own cats, including a rather cranky almost 19 year old, I couldn't do a personal rescue. Anyway, the kittens were too skittish to  catch, so, they moved in with Buddy and his family.  During the hot summer months, I would see the entire family lying on the damp, shady ground behind my hedges, one or both of the kittens snuggled up to Buddy's stomach.  

I owe Buddy big time for his paternal instinct.  A year later, the kittens he rescued turned out to  be the mothers of the  current feline love of my life- Wesley, and his sister Gracie. 

I think he probably  died of old age.  Buddy was already an adult when he showed up on my door step, and lived here for almost  eight  more years. I guess he had as good  a life as any street cat could have. I can't really say homeless, even though technically that's what he was, because he had two homes, two places he felt safe and comfortable. I would see him sleeping in my back yard, or in the hedges, or on the carport.  Sometimes in the morning, when I would put out the dry food, I  would see him crossing the street, coming from Margaret's  driveway.  She called him Leo, and  also provided a safe harbour. 

I guess I should be honoured that he came to my place to die. I guess he considered it home...



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I can feel your pain my man. When my buddy, Scanner died, I lost my best friend who went with me everywhere. I got him as soon as he was weened and had him five years before a bitch in heat came running by and he ran after her. The car could have stopped, but really, it wasn't their fault. You're lucky to have had Buddy so long. I bet you've built up a lot of Karma points taking care of him and the others.
I am so sad you had to post today when OS is a mess because Buddy deserved better
rated with hugs
So sorry for your loss. I think you're spot-on that he came back to your place to die...he could have wandered off, but instead he wandered over towards you. Thank you for taking care of the kitties in your neighborhood!!!!!
Thanks, scanner. Buddy was unusual as a tom and then also after his surgery- in that he was so paternal and protective of his family grouping. Even though I could never pet him, I'll still miss him.
Linda- I agree. Buddy deserved better.
bluesurly- thanks. I'm a sucker for a furry, purry face...
Ahhhhh!!!! Rest in peace Buddy!!!! KITTY NIP IN HEAVEN!!!


Been there my friend, its sheer hell. I'm so sorry you lost someone so special. Hugs.

LadyMiko-Thanks. Even though Buddy wasn't really my cat, I will still miss him.
GN-Buddy's protective, paternal nature was amazing- both with his own kittens and others unrelated, who found their way into his family like Grandma.
One of my cats came from the Humane Society almost 14 years ago, the other two are rescues- the children of the pair that Buddy rescued and adopted.