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FEBRUARY 23, 2012 7:28PM

Anne Frank is Now A Mormon

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Those wacky morons- I mean Mormons- at it again. On Saturday, a temple in the Dominican Republic  baptised Anne Frank by proxy. They then proudly submitted the data to a database accessible only by Mormons.

 Of course it would have to be by proxy, considering she died in Bergen- Belsen  concentration camp in March 1945, without as far as I know- ever expresing the desire to become a mormon.  Somehow- and call me weird- but I really doubt that was in her mind at the time. 


There's something mindboggingly weird, insensitive and arrogant about the mormons- who seem determined to make everyone on the planet part of their little group.   Dead, alive, willing, unwilling-  

 All these religious fanatics- not just the mormons- are so batshit crazy its mindboggling. But only the mormons have this particular bit of crazy. 




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I read this yesterday.. Looks like those crazy Twilight lovers got another one.
Just insane.
It's like a bad joke that just keeps going and going and going...
Guess they're slow learners...
By proxy, I'm Mormon too!!! Well, at least in their 'Big Database of Mormon Kin' by my brother's second wife's family, who are Mormon(morons? Maybe!! :D) and they were like, WHO IS YOUR KIN?

And my brother said, I AIN'T GOT NONE!!

And they were like, EVERYONE GOT KIN!!

And he was like, I AIN'T GOT NONE!!

My mother was in Bergen Belsen in March of 45. She could so easily have become a Mormon. Fine title there. I don't want to be insenstive to the good Mormons, but the Mormons are not representing well lately.
The height of arrogance. ~r

By proxy-I think they're trying to get the entire planet enrolled. I wonder if its brownie points- or extra wives- for whoever signs up the most people (dead or alive).

I'm glad your mum survived- must be lots of great stories there...
None of the major religions are currently doing well in the sanity department- but think that's par for the course.

Absolutely. And a rather scary mindset.
I'd love to see them baptize about ten thousand of our present-day politicians posthumously. I would even volunteer to help them out with the posthumous part......

She's a Mormon ?

Now I don't like her anymore.

that's an excellent idea-it wouldn't be hard to get tons of volunteers to do the job to make them posthumous...

Right- so tacky of her to allow herself to be baptised 67 years after she died...
Now I've heard everything. How repulsive.
So when the Mormon baptize someone posthumously, do they have to dig them up and put scared underwear on them?

Nothing like the insanity of true believers who know- because their invisible being told them so- that they have the only TRUTH in the universe- and its their duty to make sure everyone else believes what they do.

Even if the people are dead and were of another faith...

I wonder if it's more complicated to get the new mormons into the right kind of sacred underwear if there are no physical bodies to dig up- like Holocaust victims...