MAY 14, 2012 12:15AM

parting the wild horse's mane

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There is a move in tai chi called "pat the wild horse".  You turn and make a patting motion toward a small wild horse. 
Another is "parting the wild horses mane," which would be brushing its hair out of its eyes.
I live about three miles from the Rachel Carson Nature Reserve.  It is a set of islands where wild horses roam freely.
It is directly across from the Beaufort waterfront.  I went for a walk and got to see them up close.
Sometimes I go out to a spot on one of the local islands in the evening and do my tai chi 108 set.  If I see one of the horses out in the distance, I position myself so that as I turn to pat the wild horse, I have the horse in the distance in my sight between my palms and I actually get to pat it.
That is magical.
Oh, to part the wild horse's mane..... 
to pat the wild horse
and then on to part its mane
first, you must find it 

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horses running wild(ish)
quiet lovely
Beautiful pictures and interesting story. I might need to try tai chi sometime. It seems very peaceful.
Nice. I wonder if these horses are kin to the ponies of "Misty" fame native to Chincoteague and Assateague islands off Virginia and Maryland in the Chesapeake Bay. Sounds as if they might be.
Sounds marvelous what a beautiful animal and a lovely picture in my mind you have shared here.
They are related to the Misty horses in that they were left on the Island a very long time ago in a shipwreck. They are managed by rangers now. But they have done some DNA research and they are a whole other group of animals genetically. They round them up once a year and qualified owners can adopt the ones too many than the islands that can support. They do birth control to keep them at a good population, but there are new foals every year.

Taichi can be very gentle, but it is an intense physical experience if you want it to be. You can look up "Push hands" on youtube to see it in a martial application. But in general, it is old people sneaking up on trees.
I'm a sucker for anything dealing with horses. Those are some beautiful pictures.
And to find the wild horse's mane you must first find balance.. R