JULY 6, 2010 7:23PM

Outpost 9: One Giant Leap For Martian Bats

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Outpost 9 game

Six weeks, nearly 450 lines of code (paltry), too little sleep and too many Starbucks triple tall Americanos later, I’ve delivered my first game coded in Adobe Director’s Lingo. It may have only been a dream, but this concludes the required three Interactive Authoring classes for my degree at the Art Institute. I’m pretty happy with the game and it’s a great base for continuing my education in Object Oriented Programming. Although many Flash-savvy authors consider Director an endangered species, it’s still useful for making stupid online games. And without silly Interweb games, how else are we  supposed to eat up millions of hours of productivity.

Feel free to contribute to this global suck by clicking the Outpost 9 graphic above. The premise is simple. You’re part of the security force for Earth’s first manned outpost on Mars. Aggressive Martian bats (actually, one bat :-D ) attack during the day. Kill him or make it to night without dying and you win. Don’t bother changing weapons at the moment. The Shockwave is not active yet and the alert box disables further game play.

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