AUGUST 1, 2010 4:17PM

Thoughts On A Bicycle

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It's a beautiful summer day, except it doesn't feel like summer downeast NC. A heavenly cold front has spanked the ghastly century mark temperatures. That and overcast skies are holding the mercury down to about 80° today. It's a great day for a ride and the shiny two-wheeled contraption collecting dust in the corner is begging for a spin. So I take the back way to Homework Central with the lappie snug in its new backpack. And several thoughts remind me that things are different on two wheels. On a bicycle...

  • Flats don't seem so flat anymore.
  • A ride to your local caffeine dispenser is not just a trip, it's an adventure!
  • You fully appreciate the fact that objects are closer than they appear.
  • When you haven't ridden in a while, your lowest gear is sometimes barely low enough.
  • The swooshy descent is worth the burn.
  • I need to ride more.
  • It's good to be alive.


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