JULY 8, 2011 2:02PM

Time for a Change

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This is a short post to announce a few changes in my blogging and writing. (No, I'm not flouncing!) Although I've blogged and written for years, I've recently begun to focus almost exclusively on my fiction. Writing for a commercial audience and publishing are new to me. Consequently, I'm steeping myself in the culture and tech of both disciplines. Some of my posts here and most of my posts at Eric-Blues will reflect this new focus. I'm glad I've met so many good writers and open minds here. I hope you will follow and share in the journey.

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Best of luck always Eric, I've always enjoyed you here and hope you continue to be a presence here, even if it's just cross posting since that's the easiest way to keep track. Change is good, hope it's terrific for you.
Thanks Barry! I'll still be around here. In fact, future political posts (not that I mess with that much anymore, what's the point?) will still go here. And I will likely to cross-post writerly stuff as well.