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September 26
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MARCH 16, 2012 12:06PM

Governor Corbett to Women: Just Close Your Eyes

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It’s The Stepford Wives all over again.  Silly me, I thought it was 2012.  On March 14, during a discussion of the mandatory ultrasound bill, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) said that that the measure does not go too far.  His advice to women:  “You just have to close your eyes.”  I feel much better now, Tom, thanks.

Once again he affirmed his support of the “Women’s Right to Know” Act, requiring doctors to perform an ultrasound on a patient, offer her two personalized copies of the film and play and describe fetal heartbeat before she can have an abortion.  He did not disclose whether or not he considered transvaginal ultrasounds to be invasive procedures.

When asked if he thought the bill went too far by making a woman examine the ultrasound image, he said, “You can’t make anybody watch, okay?  Because you just have to close your eyes.  As long as it’s on the exterior and not the interior.”

I feel blessed that Gov. Corbett is allowing women to “close their eyes.”  I thought the doctors would be instructed to pry our eyelids open with toothpicks or some modern optical device to make us see the error of our ways.  Will we then be escorted to the hospital cafeteria for a milkshake and cookies?  I like being babied myself.  If they are going to infantilize us, why not go all the way?


Pennsylvania’s ultrasound bill, unlike its Virginia counterpart, does not specify the type of ultrasound that would be required.  The doctor would have to use the “interior” procedure for most first-trimester abortions to meet the strictures of the law.


The problem is that even if a patient were to close her eyes as the governor suggests, the doctor will have to turn the image toward her face, give her signed copies of the image and describe the number of heartbeats per minute and tell her if the fetus is “normal” or not for its age.


I heard a rumor that Corbett belongs to the modern-day Stepford Men’s Association.  He longs for the days of ladies in long frilly frocks who bake and scrub until the skin melts off their hands, who are ever-so-obedient and have sex with their husbands on command.  Ah, what a woman wouldn’t give for a man like that . . .



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This sounds worse than Stepford. Sounds positively medieval.
It is, Mary. It is.
Sorry to make you sick on a Friday, Jane, but I had to write this post.
The absurd becomes absurdier. Can these guys HEAR themselves?
beauty, I think they are deaf, dumb and blind to the world around them. They live in a bubble of their own making. Scary and barbaric f***kers!
Erica.. every day there is something.. just something.. and every day I feel like rounding them all up.
What I would do with them would be up to the women of America.
Linda, I feel the same way. It's time for The Stepford Husbands. I want to take all these psycho-misogynists and re-model them to suit our needs! xo
Amazing and just too sickening. So many would love a Stepford wife. What a great movie that was. Poor Paula Prentiss.
Fine post about a lousy guy.
Look at the sunny side of life: The Republican Clown Bus continues on it's journey to electoral disaster... maybe we should be encouraging these Bozos.
Wow, that is for real? I'm just speechless!
fernsy, I thought Katharine Harris was great too. The movie scared me even back then; now it has double the impact with this sickos trying to control our bodily functions.

jmac, that's a good one: Republican Clown Bus!

Yes, Joanne, it is true.
Yes Katherine Harris was great too, but Paula P was even more full of life so her Stepfordization hit me harder. When I saw that movie I found it great and funny, but now with adult knowlege-- more true and prophetic than satirical.
Good point, my friend. Yes, you are absolutely right about that.
fernsy, I meant Katharine Ross.
Pennsylvania already has one of the strictest abortion laws in the country, they have had a mandated two day waiting period for a legal medical procedure called abortion for years. Two babysitter days, two days off from work, two days of anxiety, two days someone has to drive you or pick you up. This guy is awful.
Rita, I had no idea. Thank you for the information. How inhumane.
Governor Corporate, excuse me, Corbett, cares so much about unborn children-but could care less about the already born. This isevidenced by his cuts in the Medicaid budget, education budget-well-everything was cut-including taxes for billion dollar corporations-who have come into PA for fracking-which has caused poisonous and flammable water-and earthquakes. I have lived in PA my entire life, and my family has, also. This area was never a hotbed of seismic activity. Now we have had one-in August, 2011-with aftershocks-not common at all. And the geologists said it was directly related to the fracking.

This guy is sick, and anyone who voted for him is just as sick! R
Jane, Don't get me started on the fracking. Did you see the documentary "Gasland" by Josh Fox? What a horribly sick world we are living in.
The Stepford Wives was such a creepy movie!

I had to read your post again. Creepy man!
Yeah, "It's gonna hurt a little bit at first!" I am sorry but you can't ask a savage to be sensitive. Let us say it again: He is a governor of a state of the union in 2012. Who's fault is that? The people's. I bet you anything they had to explain to him what he said wrong, and he still does not understand. It is embarrassing--at best--to Americans. The rhetoric we are hearing from the right wing nuts implies severe ignorance and incivility. R
Actually, the actress is Katherine ROSS, not Harris--just sayin.

And have you ever noticed how Ira Levin, who wrote both "SF" and "Rosemary's Baby" wrote about his heroines who always "lost" in the end by "submitting" to the alpha males" Even Rosemary, after spitting in DH's face, accepted Satan's baby as her own--and though he *was,* I often wondered if Levin wasn't just mysogynistic--or at worst, a Republican...
I know, Joanne, but now it feels like it's possible.

Thoth, I certainly didn't vote for him, but some people did. Perhaps they didn't know who/what they were getting before he got elected.
elsma, yes I caught my error about Katharine Ross, thanks. Hmm, perhaps yes, perhaps a misgynist, a Republican or both. Thank you for stopping by.
Corbett is a disgrace.

Santorum is a disgrace.

Maybe there's something about the air in Pennsylvania that causes this kinda thing.

Male politicians who think it is okay to inflict this kind of thing on women ought to be required, prior to offering their vote, to have their urethras checked with an small umbrella…opened only after insertion and prior to being withdrawn.
Thank you for that, Frank. What a graphic, albeit great, image!
Erica, thank you for the informative post on this outrageous statement by Gov. Corbett. In addition, to what's already been said about the statement, I have to wonder if any governors who make despicable remarks like this ever consider how many tourists will take their vacation dollars elsewhere or not move to a state such as PA when its leader is such a insensitive and malodorous politician?
Designator, you bring up a good point. I think tourists could start boycotting states governed by such reprehensible politicians.
This guy is a dick, pure and simple. HOW DARE HE?
Have you heard about Arizona? I fell out of my chair. You'll just fucking die.
Don't laugh, holding your eyes open will be part of next year's bill.

The "right to know" act is just an incredibly insulting name, as if the problem were merely ignorance. Meanwhile, many newspapers, including my own local one, refuse to print the "Doonesbury" parody - I guess we don't have a "right to know" that.
I meant Katherine Ross too. Typo! ;)
"Just close your eyes" sounds kind of like "Lay back and enjoy it". I mean if it's inevitable then try to make the lemonade our of the lemon. I don't know what's gotten in to these guys. It's like an epidemic of insanity.
This is the "American Taliban". Next we women will not be permitted to own property, learn to read or leave our homes without an male relative.
Just when it seems that stupidity has hit bottom ... sigh.

It would be nice for a change to be shocked by intelligence and sense (that can't start soon enough and with regularity).

What year is it again?
There have been so many things that have made me furious this year that..... I'll probably have a fatal blood pressure spike if I listed them.

I hope moderate Republican women are getting as scared and angry as all other women. And I hope they will decide to join in fighting for and protecting all the hard-won rights women have accumulated since the 1970's.

We need to harness this anger in a constructive way and fight back, hard and immediately. We can't back down or let them win, because I wouldn't put it past some of these right wing weasels to try to take away our votes.

Bad news, Republicans. Women don't have any "good old days." Nor are we about to go back to what YOU think are "the good old days." Being so blatant with your disdain for us is not a winning strategy. Presidents can win without the "crazy" vote. No president can win without the women's votes.
Take heart. My wife is the most apolitical person I know, but this recent "War on women" has gotten to her. When someone like her vows to hit the streets, she means it. And she's not alone. These men may live to regret waking this sleeping beast.

If all fails, there's always the Lysistra approach.
What Mary S says..
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
Of course it's "on the inside." The whole point is to dominate a woman's mind and control her behavior through manipulation with guilt and shame. Sure, she can close her eyes, and go "na na na na na na...", too, throughout the whole ordeal so she doesn't have to hear the spiel. Be sure to take your laptop with a downloaded movie and earphones firmly in place for your doctor's appointment, so you don't have to pay attention to the manufactured horrors you are told about the simple procedure you are contemplating. Can these folks get any more medieval and yet simultaneously silly?
[r] I remember that movie. Isn't that what British women were told reluctant to have sex with an insensitive hubby. Lie back, close your eyes, and "think of England." Wow, with this Governor, you just can't make this stuff up!!! I remember the Stepford Wives. It was chilling and made its point VERY well!!! thanks for including the trailer. I have to learn how to do that erica! i mean insert a video. best, libby
Is there an effort to involuntary commit the majority of the Republican party due to their insanity and the fact that they clearly pose a clear and present danger to themselves and the entire country?

Surly I'm not the first to notice this problem!
Good Daughter, what's happening in Arizona?

Cranky, I haven't seen the Doonsebury parody, will have to look for it. That is frightening. Fahrenheit 451 here we come . . .

Abra, yes, as if it's something enjoyable. Again, women are being treated as passive subjects who are expected to endure whatever barbaric procedures or abuse these sick old men concoct.

Nancy, right you are.

Various Artists, it's 2012 according to my calendar, but not sure what reality we're living in.

Shiral, it is time to get angry and organize as women. I don't see how a Republican can win in 2012 if they continue to promulgate these medieval measures.

Luminous, I feel the same way. I want to start protesting.

Algis, thanks for stopping by.

Sirenita, it's science fiction incarnate, Brave New World for Women.

libby, Exactly (about England). I can tell you how to imbed a video. Will pm you.

zachery, maybe something is in the drinking water?
This makes me so very angry. How many steps backwards can we take? I can not believe that my daughter has less control over her body than I did 20 years ago. It's sick! (That really is a great movie though)
Barbara, yes, that really puts things in perspective. How shocking that we were "freer" 20 years ago. Thanks for stopping by.
He's thinking of the blindfolds they let condemned criminals wear for their executions.
No doubt, Frosty.