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December 31
The interests of this blog are multifold: an exploration of Islamic issues in the U.S., a discussion of political issues of the day, a little on literature and culture as it presents itself, and a general amplification of underrepresented ideas. As a former English teacher in Malaysia, I will often explore Malaysian and Islamic culture in the hopes of promoting a fuller understanding of the values that influence Islamic perspectives and politics today. Contact me if you want to read the full blog for that trip. This site will contain these and other blog posts on politics and current events. To check out my resume and history of past work, go to

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JULY 16, 2009 11:35AM

The Opening Ceremony: A Brief Update

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Conversation came immediately and easily to the 250 women who attended the opening banquet of the WISE Conference at the hotel Impiana KLCC this evening.  The halls had been alive with discussion since check-in began hours before, many talking as though the company they found there had been long overdue.  Positivity and hope pervaded the room this evening.  Excitement over what would come tomorrow.

Tomorrow (also) will come the first of my blog posts about this evening.  Tonight I need to recover from last night's sleepless overnight bus ride.  All I can say now is that I'm so excited to hear the incredible range of voices represented here finally speak up one by one.  

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