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December 31
The interests of this blog are multifold: an exploration of Islamic issues in the U.S., a discussion of political issues of the day, a little on literature and culture as it presents itself, and a general amplification of underrepresented ideas. As a former English teacher in Malaysia, I will often explore Malaysian and Islamic culture in the hopes of promoting a fuller understanding of the values that influence Islamic perspectives and politics today. Contact me if you want to read the full blog for that trip. This site will contain these and other blog posts on politics and current events. To check out my resume and history of past work, go to

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JUNE 15, 2010 7:18PM

Video: How BP handles spills

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I like the "BP Spills Coffee" video not only for summing up BP's standard of action in reaction to the oil spill crisis, but for illustrating how removed from reality a board room has the potential to get.


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