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Erin Judge

Erin Judge
Brooklyn, New York, USA
January 28
comedian, writer, performer
Erin Judge is a comedian and writer living in Brooklyn. She writes funny things and then posts them here after they get rejected by the New Yorker or somebody who works in Rockefeller Center. She was born in 1981, but the birth years on Salon's pull-down menu only go up to 1976. Visit for more.


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NOVEMBER 19, 2010 9:28AM

Most Emailed Articles Ever on

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The Minimalist: Ramen Noodles with Salty Packet Sauce 

Poll Suggests Majority of Baby Boomers Intend to Cheat Death Indefinitely

Well: How to Cheat Death Indefinitely: A Guide for Baby Boomers

36 Hours in the Gowanus Canal

David Brooks: Research is for Liberals

Well: How to Burn Calories While Getting Your Kid into a First-Tier College

The Pour: Using Oenophile Jargon to Rationalize Ordering the Second-Cheapest Bottle on the List

Thomas Friedman: I Kinda Wanna Make Out with China

Maureen Dowd: Inscrutable Fake Dialogue Utterly Devoid of Context

A Thing Happened at Harvard

Magazine Preview: A Slightly Different Take on an Increasingly Common Diagnosis

Gail Collins: Shucks, I’m Adorable!

The Lede: Liveblogging the Assistant Deputy Comptroller’s Debate

Paul Krugman: Mr. Keynes, Please Stop Haunting My Dreams

Nicholas D. Kristof: Disadvantaged Individual from Developing Nation Overcomes Staggering Adversity to Become a Much Better Person than Any of You

Modern Love: My Unrequited Crush on a Career in Narrative Nonfiction

Frank Rich: Newsmaking Politician Is a Hopelessly Out-of-Touch Feckless Hack

Tweeting Towards Bethlehem

Magazine Preview: Photographs of Michael Pollan and Alice Waters Surrounded by Vibrant Abundant Organic Produce Grown Three Thousand Miles Away from New York City

Lindsay Lohan is the Name of a Movie Star

Away from the Headlines, One-and-a-Half Wars Apparently Continue to Rage

Editorial: The Lifeblood of Democracy and Western Civilization that is Print Journalism Must Be Preserved at All Costs

Vows: B-List Celebrity and Regular Person

The Pour: The Best Wines for Getting Your Kid Into College

The Minimalist: No-Cook Cheese on Store-Bought Bread

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All the News that Fits We Print
I Judge this hilarious and clever.
Wasn't there a Pulitzer awarded for Tweeting Towards Bethlehem?
My favorite is still Fashion & Style: An Epidemic in Pet Diabetes

There's always some really weird thing that shouldn't really be in that section, but they don't know where else to put it.
"Lost Child Found in Sandwich"--headline from Cape Cod Times.

(Sandwich Mass. is a town on the Cape.)
"With Race Becoming a Three-Way, Candidate Sees a New Opening"
I think I've read most of them.
the creepy thing is that one would have to be a very avid reader of the NYT to formulate this or get the inside jokes..... but dont worry I wont tell anyone. =)
ah well the NYT is a corporation like all the rest. wrapped in erudition but inside its the same corporate tyranny/sham.
I missed the one about ordering cheap wine.
Cleve! (Too clever when it comes to favorites like Krugman and Rich ...)