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NOVEMBER 1, 2008 8:44PM


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While obsessed blog and beltway denizens have been applying frenzied energy to solving the mystery of; “Sarah Palin: Who on Earth is this Person?” another mystery has gone unexamined and almost unnoticed in the nation’s capital.


Ann Coulter has disappeared.


Disappeared, that is, from the mainstream national media. There have been reports of brief sightings on Fox News and even places at the farther edges of conservatism. Most dubious are claims that she’s been haunting college campuses – entertaining dwindling crowds of sophomoric males with the same “babe” of bombast shtick she first used to gain male approval and attention as a 19-year-old at Dartmouth. Lending improbability to these reports, beyond the fact that the “babe” is now old enough to be the average Young Republican’s mother, are the  unbelievable descriptions of her dress; mini-skirt, leather vest and Marianne Faithful hair do -- a style no self-respecting women has been seen wearing in public since 1975.


What has been confirmed is this; for the first time in decades she has not been seen, on the nation’s most portentous, televised political round tables and wraps ups, swinging her 4” stiletto heels (attached to the nation’s most famous and public display of nervous leg syndrome) at the heads of the “girly” boys and “ugly” women of the Left. Or, indulging her signature hair toss for the enlightenment of the generally male and frequently balding, or, if young, hopelessly geeky, talk show hosts and print media pundits and reporters who inhabit such venues.


I’d like to think the reason for this is an increasing sophistication and seriousness on the part of our political media.


But, frankly, the unlikelihood of that is the best argument for finding her disappearance seriously suspicious.


It's been suggested that Coulter has, as other members of her generation of once ubiquitous-in-the-media, blond Independent Women’s Council spokespeople did long ago, joined the Rich Republicans’ Third Wives Club. But no happy announcement has been made.


Plus, as Maureen Dowd discovered to her great disappointment (that inspired her not-too-bitter book, “Are Men Necessary?”) there’s a time limit for becoming a trophy wife -- a limit that Ann, like Maureen, appears to have let pass her by.

But, all speculation aside,  based on the methods and advice of notable sleuth Miss Marple (“observe the Village”) I believe I can now reveal not only what happened to Ms. Coulter, but also why John McCain choose someone with as little experience as Sarah Palin as his running mate.  

The answer is right there in Ms. Dowd’s sad book that details the sexual mores and gender attitudes in the small but powerful political, media and corporate Village she inhabits.


In the Village age is, unsurprisingly, a handicap for women. Especially those who aspire to TV celebrity. But much more important, in the Village experience and accomplishment mean nothing in a woman; they are not required virtues (as demonstrated by the selection of Ms. Palin who lacks them), nor highly desired and valued attributes (as demonstrated by Ms. Clinton). This is true in politics and TV punditry, and as Ms. Dowd shows in her book; in matters of romance and marriage. Women who have gained wisdom are just as in danger of dismissal and disappearance as those women who have lost their looks.


Coulter’s disappearance is the fate of any opinionated women, whether her politics are Right or Left, whether her opinions are earned in experience and accomplishment, or born in expediency and ambition. When she starts getting a little too long in the tooth nothing she says will ever again be seen as “provocative” -- and everything she utters will be suddenly recognized as "strident" and "shrill." It's time to "get thee to a nunnery" in the modern sense; PBS , if they'll have you, your own blog,   a small country in which to do good works in obscurity and silence, or, The View.


It didn’t matter how fast and furiously Coulter could come up with liberal bashing quips and one-liners – or, in her desperation, how high the number of new ways to kill liberals she suggested– her exit was inevitable. What is cute and daring from the mouth of a 23 year old often is revealed, especially to the discerning Villager, as just crude and bitchy, perhaps even a little deranged, once the lady passes 45.


Plus, there are plenty of 23 year olds with opinions, like Coulter’s, designed to gain attention, promote powerful interests, and, most important, amuse, serve, and gain the approval and support of powerful men -- who are happy to promote a young “intellectual’s” career, as long as doing so promotes their own political and economic interests.


The Palin mystery, on the other hand, isn’t explained by her age, it’s explained by John McCain’s. He’s spent forever among the military jocks and political jokers, the hyper-masculine power brokers, and the mostly male beltway media sycophants to which the idea of a woman holding genuine power is an incomprehensible joke. It was  impossible for him to see that offering Palin the Vice Presidency was offering her real power -- so he was shocked and unprepared when people demanded to know what experience and accomplishments he thought commended her to be trusted with that power.


The truth is, he never gave a thought to her experience and accomplishments.


When McCain picked Sarah Palin, he didn’t think like someone picking a powerful though untraditional candidate for the role of the nation’s VP. He thought like someone who wanted a brilliant and unexpected pick for the traditional role of the male hero's sidekick.


As a true Villager and old military man the only experience Palin had that he valued was experience that could be meshed with and used to further HIS storyline. On the campaign trail or in the Executive Suite he saw her serving only the long time traditional female role of loyal supporter -- hired on to buff up the hero, praise his ideas, confirm his strength and valor,  and, when necessary, with a sharp tongue, saucy hair toss and small town girl grin -- even, if called for,  a wink or two --  smite his enemies, shame his critics and charm his partisans.


The only role, a traditionally feminine and subordinate role, a long time member of the Village like McCain can really imagine for any woman.

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I suspect that Coulter is in a Swiss clinic, having the results of a botched facelift corrected.

My sources tell me that much of her face will be reconstructed from sections of her ass. No, wait, that's been done already.
I heard they took a roll of dental floss, tied her body up and taped her mouth shut, allowing her intermittent binging and purging during the night time hours. She's at Karl Rove's crib.
I would like to believe that what happened is that people finally woke up to the fact that Coulter is not really human at all. She is a hateful demonspawn.
Great post. Good riddence. However, please, don't say her name three times in a row. She may pop back up and call some man a "fag" in another pathetic attempt to gain brownie points with the boys club she pretends to not need but so desperately wants to be a part of.
I seem to remember that she had potential legal problems due to voting with a fake address or something similar to this. I could Google it but doing research on something so inconsequential and toxic as Ann Coulter would be too much work. I get the feeling that she's laying low deliberately because of this unresolved issue. Then again, I could be wrong.
If you go to her website it looks like she is still pretty active. Here is clip of her on Sean Hannitys show yesterday.

heres your link:
Great post...

I'm with Liz Emrich on the devil's spawn thing. Or maybe I'm with Wayne on the Swiss clinic thing...Either seems a possibility.

In truth, I've always suspected that Ann was a transsexual alien from a hate-breathing planet...

But, of course, there is the possibility that she is a shape-shifter, and has, in fact ,become a petite under-educated, overly-ambitious brunette from Alaska...
Don't ya mean pundint? ;-)

I think I saw Scary Ann w/Geraldo while I was flipping channels yesterday - probably on Fox. Makes sense - it was Halloween...
Read this out loud to my husband. "Sure," he says, "Robin to his Batman." He totally got it.

Excellent insights, and just snarky enough!