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OCTOBER 14, 2011 5:17PM

Dogs Know Something

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I am usually a formal poet, but a recent experience of mine seems to be asking me to write it in free verse form. So, here goes.

Dogs Know Something

On 85th Street there are lots of dogs
behind the gates and fences
of Mobster McMansions.

I walk by them on my way to work
and will sometimes hear a bark or growl
if I get too close.

One day last week, it was different.
I heard all sorts of dog sounds
the moment I stepped out on 85th Street.

There were deep, dark barks
and howls and yips.
They didn't care how close I got; dogs were talking to each other.

Something was up on 85th Street.
When dogs talk to other dogs,
you know something is up.

I'm a cat person and don't speak Dog
so I couldn't get the gist
of their conversation.

I wondered; could it be another earthquake
or hurricane coming?
They say animals know about things like that...

I never did figure out
what they were talking about
but even though I'm not a dog person, I was glad to know they were there.

When dogs are on the job
you're not alone in the neighborhood.
And when dogs talk to each other, you know something is up.

Blessings and well-wishes from your Cat Person:

Eva T.


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Love this... from the title to the very last line. Absolutely delightful.
Love this poem Eva. Wish I knew what my Shi-Tsu is saying...kept me up all night.
Kimberly and Buffy: I'm glad you liked it. Buffy, if you figure out what your Shi-Tsu is saying, do let us know!
dogs know everything !
I agree..
Mobster McMansions could be a great name for a book.:)
Hugs to you Lucia and your mum.
snowden: What do you know that dogs know?
Linda: Hmmm...I could write about Mobster McMansions but I might not live to reap the residuals.
I am fairly certian my dogs understand me, and I understand them. I can hear them talking to me. Well, not literally. This afternoon, Frankie stayed in the car when we got to our little farm home. She was comfy and thought she'd just chill in case I wanted to make another trip. After an hour or so I checked on her and she looked up at me, asking if we were going or what. I said, No, hop out Frankie. She looked up again, saying....well, do I have to put on that stupid lead that makes me stay within twenty-five feet of the house? I said, No, you can go free for a while. Just be back before dark. She jumped up and quickly ducked out of the car for a run. Just now, a sharp bark asked me to open the door, because she's home and ready to come in. No Problem, Frankie. Of course, we have pretty simple conversations, but we cover what's important. Food, toilet, invaders or tresspassers, exercise and walks, and love. Nice doggie.
C Berg: It seems that you do speak Dog!
Dogs and cats know everything, but cats keep it closer to the vest. A fellow cat person I am. Rated.
Erica K: Thanks for not keeping your appreciation close to the vest!
Sheila TGTG: Thanks for letting me know!
Fascinating. I wonder what was up!
Trilogy: I'll let you know if I figure it out.
ooh! a little spooky! I wonder what the doggie news was. Are they mad at Wall Street too?
Madhuri: If they're sensible doggies, they are, indeed, mad at Wall Street.
RosyMama: I'm glad you like the poem and hope that Trixie does, too.