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OCTOBER 30, 2011 10:16PM

Not In the Housekeeping Business But...

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On Friday afternoon, Lady Lucia and I went to the Municipal Building in lower Manhattan and registered as Domestic Partners. We'd already filled out the application online, so all we had to do when we got there was take a number (ours was A115) and wait to be called. It took about an hour. Then we went up to a counter, where a polite-but-bored clerk asked to see our i.d.s, instructed us to sign our names at the bottom of the application form, clicked something on her computer and spit out our (very nice looking) Domestic Partner certificate. Then we ran for the Ladies' Room (we'd already had a long train ride, so were desperate to pee by the time we got called). THEN we kissed. After kissing, we walked out of the building, in the general direction of Broadway, and stopped when we saw a pleasant-looking Middle Eastern restuarant, where we had our first lunch together as legally legit partners. It was very nice!

Afterward, I emailed both of my (very positive and supportive) parents. They both responded pretty quickly, with love and well-wishes, but my father also could not resist a quip: "Domestic Partners? Do you do windows?" Until I read that email from him, I'd never thought about the phrase "Domestic Partners" in that way but...yes, it does sound a bit like a housekeeping service! Anyway, we only keep house together. Nobody would want to pay me for my house-keeping!

We were supposed to attend a Day-of-the-Dead party at Hippolyta's place the next evening (which, she said, would also be a celebration of our Domestic Partnership) but, as many of you already know, there was a huge, freakish (October?) snow storm. Hippolyta emailed to tell us that over a foot of snow was expected in Beacon, NY (where she lives) and that she would understand if we decided not to leave Brooklyn. Since we didn't want to risk getting stranded away from our Feline Domestic Employers, Alice and Trixie, we chose to stay home. We watched Brittish comedies on U-Tube and ate microwaved leftovers from our Friday night dinner. We were sorry to miss the party but glad to be safe, warm and together.

No, we don't do windows. But Lady L. can (and will) put me on her health insurance, the landlord can't kick me out and, if something happens to one of us, the other can visit in the hospital. So far, so good. Very good, indeed!

Blessings and well-wishes from your now legally Partnered:

Eva T.

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Congratulations to the happy, domesticated couple. I'm talking about you and Lady Lucia, not your cats.
Congratulation and best wishes to you both. And you have a pretty good story to tell about the weekend when you became "official".
phyllis: I'm glad you like our story, too!
Congrats to you both! The only scary part was when the clerk spit your Domestic Partner certificate out at you! What a nasty clerk!
But, then nature gave a snow party for you.
Have a wonderful life together!
Madhuri: Well, the clerk didn't LITERALLY spit at us. Don't revoke my Poetic License. Thanks for your good wishes!