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DECEMBER 13, 2011 5:30PM

Dreaming Cats (and Dogs)?

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Last night I dreamed that my late cat, Festus, was still alive and living at my ex husband, Iggy's place. I was visiting all the "uptown cats" there, including Festus' sister, Lulu, who was also still alive in my dream. For some reason, I decided to bring Festus (only Festus) home for a "play date" with Alice and Trixie...

When I got "home" it turned out not to be the apartment building in which Lady Lucia and I now live, but a slightly shabby house; large, with peeling paint and a rather saggy aspect. Inside the house, I found not just Alice and Trixe but three additional cats (I don't remember much about them except that, unlike A and T, they weren't Siamese). Festus played with all five of our cats for a while and a good time was had by the whole Cat Posse.  Eventually, I decided it was time to bring Festus back to Iggy's apartment in Manhattan.

Well...I thought I had brought Festus back to Manhattan...the next morning (in my dream) I woke up and saw him, still in our Brooklyn house! My first thought was, "Oh, no! Iggy will be flipping out with worry.I'd better call him right now!"

So, I called Iggy and explained that, 'though I had, indeed, brought Festus to Brooklyn, I had also returned him to his Manhattan home the night before. I went on to explain that I didn't know how he'd gotten back to Brooklyn on his own but that he was fine, and I would bring him back right away! Iggy seemed angry and reluctant to believe that I hadn't just "cat-napped" Festus, but, eventually, he calmed down enough to say "Okay. Just bring him home."

That was where the dream ended. I dream about my late, much-loved Festus and Lulu a lot. Often, the dreams are "anxiety" sorts, in which my sweet kitties are lost or imperiled. This one, I think, probably reflects my sense of confusion mixed with anxiety about who I am now, where I belong and how my past connects to my future (if it does at all; I seem to have left so much behind when I left my marital home in Manhattan, that I sometimes wonder whether there's any "me" left).

Do any of youse dream about your cats or dogs, living or dead? Are they happy dreams? Just wondering...

With my usual blessings and well-wishes,

Eva T.

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I frequently dream of kitties, puppies and horses long past. I think they happen mostly when I am nervous, lonely or just missing the good parts of life that have passed.
Yeah, I sometimes dream of travelling or moving and taking cats along with me, only they aren't secured and wander off, often into traffic... Anxiety/guilt dreams.
Poppi: Thanks for sharing. I suspect that our animal dreams come from similar places.
Myriad: Yes, I get that sort of dream, too. I think we see animals as representations of vulnerability and innocence. Our responsibility toward them is sacred, so of course it carries great weight.